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  1. PVE auto turrets My auto turrets on a PVE server shoot at wild creatures, even if it is set to only survivors and mounted creatures. Is this (still) a bug, or do I need some magic to make it work?
  2. Water pipes decay How long does it take for metal water pipes to autodecay? I placed a few on a bridge as decoration, and the stone walls still exist, but the metal water pipes are gone.
  3. Having doubts about quiting now, got a lot of positive feedback from friends.
  4. Well, we allied before, so I knew them. The was is over already, nothing to fight over except a carcass of a base anyway, and one argy they missed. Well, they could give me back stuff and tames. They didn't even offer that, all you get is standard replies that it is solved. Solved? Not for me.
  5. After 8870 hours I quit Ark After 8870 hours I quit Ark, because of an alliance exploit my base on PVE and all my dinos and resources were destroyed by another tribe. A player asked me for a temp alliance so he could place a tek generator in the range of a pillar I had. We did this before. So we made an alliance. After a minute or so, I suddenly see the message that war has been declared without me accepting it. This exploit exists for longer because other people had the same troubles. Well, they came with a Mek and a Tek Drake; I have a few turrets against wild life, but I am no match for this. After 15 mins 80+ of my tames were dead. I logged off so ORP would kick in. The following day I checked in to see the status, and they came at me again and destroyed everything, about 250 tames, 500+ cryoed tames (among which very high stats rexes and argies). All vaults, cryos, boxes, fridges, replicator, generators were destroyed. And what does WC do? They ban one of the guys who wanted to quit anyway, which was the reason why he attacked. And I am supposed to start over?
  6. Big bases Is there a maximum number of structures you can build and place before the server gets so laggy, that when the game is saved, the players start disconnecting? And this is against any rules?
  7. PVE 192 turned to PVP Server EU TheCenter 192 is accidently changed to PVP server. Please change and rollback!
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