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  1. I’m 24 been playing ark since legacy on Xbox switches over to ps4 around extinction was in a alpha for 3 years before we got wiped off center blue ob I’m a tamer grinder raider I can bring motivation to this tribe I play daily even if it’s solo trying to get back to the feeling of good ole ark my psn is StillTrippin-
  2. Indeed even the smallest pc updates can turn into a 25 gb update but that’s just the thin right wildcard should be going heads forward with quality of life improvement stability an maybe for the next console they could have something developed that the ps5 could handle or idk Idk how creating a game exactly works but it would be a huge source of new revenue to the game to bring more income for future projects
  3. Arena 1v1 for console An arena pvp mode for console That allows you to participate in public matches that go on tournaments or ranked modes for skin \ cosmetics for weapons or character in the game spawn in with a pt or arg or maybe a foot battle mode an it switches ever round or 2 to a different type of weapon or kit all prim I think it would be insanely fun
  4. How about wipe the main cluster servers that are DEAD there are over 60+ pvp ps4 servers that have a pop of 0 alll day through the week an another 40+ servers with 1-2 people on it all those could be wiped let the tribes upload an transfer an create a whole new cluster a whole new experience an start with no transferring in with dinos or characters that weren’t tamed on the server it could be a whole new start to ark that would bring many new and old back to play cause let’s all be honest there’s no way a tribe of 4 can start out on ab official or small tribes an not get wiped Instant by the
  5. First person button command for console Please add a way besides having to hold the game pad to switch from 3rd to 1st it could make pvp a lot smoother to allow us to switch POV while on the move example L1 + L3 or R3 I hate having to jump an hold the pad and hope I hit switch to first person An not scroll chat or else I’m screwed an have to stop for that second to cancel it’s annoying an I definitely feel we should have button to switch in the heat of the game especially when I’m pvping in small spaces lava golem ice queen arti caves or any rathole I have to be stuck in 3rd to pvp cause
  6. Fix for struggling new players Revamp old unpopulated pvp servers on ps4 to no transfer servers give them a different name make regular an small tribes Give new and old players a chance to get back into ark with a fresh start no dino lines or lvl 130 characters first day of wipe I see so many new players complain they don’t know what to do or can’t progress because of advanced players an huge tribes I remember learning ark on my own in the beta on Xbox nothing beats that feeling of old grind ark everyone on the same footing
  7. Tek Shotgun & Tek bow I feel it’s time for y’all to add something really destructive that’s handheld by a player I think a tek pump shotgun that does knock back an shoots a spread of tek bullets would be cool and a tek bow with a element draw string and element arrows that do extra precision damage to a player would be a nice edition Fab pumps An comp bows need upgrade badly
  8. If you’ve been here since SE then you should know first hand as that was the first paid dlc we got in early access an it was delayed twice before we got it so again you may have been “playing” buts it’s clear to see your still new when it comes to dealing with wildcard again you should have expected this if your such a vet player lmao
  9. Revive Ark Survival Evolved This is not a shot at ark or the devs this is a love letter : I love this game man but it’s dying an I don’t think genesis or more expansions will save it in this current state the most populated server on official pvp is 1 valguero server with a avg of 60/70 1 rag pvp server with a avg of 55/70 players and a extinction server with 44/70 players .. let that sink in I remember when the center dropped every single server was full you had to play the mini game for 30 mins minimum to get yourself in an you better hope it’s not Friday night you used to have to tie you
  10. Literally got on right now to make the exact post you just made bro you took the words out of my mouth an if all of us feel like this imagine the people who haven’t made an account an don’t care enough to speak cause there’s not enough to make a change
  11. Y’all must be new to wildcard if you didn’t expect this they’ve been at this for 5 years .
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