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  1. What about fixing ddossing? Xbox pvp 1002 has been getting dossed for a few days now.
  2. Its just a rare pretty color. Its not mutated (in ark breeding definition) since wild ones can have the exact same color. If you lore lovers want to say the pretty color drakes are mutated then go wild. Sometimes you can get eggs to spawn if you bring a certain drake over to an empty nest but that was before the patch that fixed the falling drake eggs so idk if they changed something or not. So your answer is maybe you can get a specific drake to spawn an egg if you bring it by an empty nest but you are better off just farming high level eggs and hoping for the best.
  3. Doth

    Reaper King

    This is what I was thinking. If you only leveled health you can get over 50k health easy. If you stay away from them with the light then go help them when the time is right they shouldn't die fast at all.
  4. That's what I saw in the video I watched. They put beds by where they went into the boss fight. Thanks for confirming.
  5. I'v heard you lose all your stuff after you beat Rockwell and ascend but I have seen videos where people keep everything. Was it just some rumor I heard or is there something specific you have to do to keep your stuff/tames?
  6. Doth

    Reaper King

    I'm pretty sure you can be pulled off any tame by a player ridden crab.
  7. Doth

    Reaper King

    Damn. I'm enlightened. Thank you for explain that. Brb gotta go tame some Megalos then wait till we can actually hatch then aberrant on Xbox.
  8. Doth

    Reaper King

    Wait. Can Megalos really get this good?
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