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  1. After the resent ark update i have been having issues with extinction. Much like Ragnarok it have been closing my game completely. It will go to a black screen and then kick me out to my X Box home screen. The graphics will flicker from muddy to detailed rapidly just before it does this as well. I have not played on Ragnarok since i was kicked off the second time because I lost about 30 mins of play time. Making a base and taming a lvl 135 raptor that I had to chase down in the process. If this can't be fixed it looks like I won't be playing on Extinction either. Which would be a shame. I was planning on breeding a few fart drakes to see what color mutations I could get.
  2. This is amazing! Will we be getting differing fishing rods in order to catch larger fish? Like a bamboo rod to start out with. Then continue to expand on it until we have a a rod made of carbon fiber. Like Jeremy Wade! "FISH ON!"
  3. It looks sorta like Robcop. I likes it. I likes it a lot.
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