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  1. As a long time member and contributor of the Ark Smart Breeding community I can tell you with confidence that stats up to 255 are entirely possible and legitimate. In fact they're a very common target for breeders. Simply breeding a heavily mutated male with an unmutated female is enough to continue getting mutations (at half the chance of usual). Negative mutations are not even needed. Each parent contributes mutation chances, so just having one with a mutation counter less than 20 is enough, and you can take this all the way to 255.
  2. Hi, I implemented the ark-tools support. I think you've nailed the cause. The code currently only uses the zero stats if the creature is mentioned in ancestry, but not found either in the existing library or during the import. This would happen if your first import was one without the ancestor. Later imports from other arks would then recognise the existing creature is in the library ... and only update certain fields that I thought were likely to change: tamed levels, imprinting, and name. This is something I could improve, if cad doesn't get to it first. It occurs to me that it might also help with some mods that change wild stats, perhaps even colours, etc. For now, if you have most of your common ancestors in one ark I would suggest importing from there first.
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