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  1. WC Release Quality and Linux Server Status This is a rant about WC's release processes and quality control. Although it focuses on the Linux server releases it is clearly symptomatic of WC's development and release practises in general. The Linux server build seems to have gone through a roller-coaster since the release of Genesis. Here's a quick summary of the recent changes in Steam: At first it was missing a lot of necessary files - code libraries, configs (and all of PrimitivePlus, but who uses that ). Then it was missing slightly less necessary files. Then it got PrimitivePlus back. Then someone clearly took an interest! They cleared it up, added the missing files, pulled out the mp4s and oggs that should never have been there and even fixed capitalisation that would cause problems on Linux. Even added version.txt back! Huzzah! But having it work was clearly unintentional as they soon broke it again. The latest update (as of this post) includes the changes you would expect from the patch notes, but also completely undoes the previous important fixes. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. This brings us to the inescapable conclusion that WC is cobbling together releases by hand with no processes in place to avoid such errors. Please, please WC, invest in full build and release automation. Your humans are fallible and are messing it up while under pressure, but this is expected of humans and not their fault. The software world has worked hard to remove humans from the loop during important and tedious processes like build and release, to the point where this is a very widely solved problem. This is sort of process is fundamental to modern software dev and being in the games industry is no excuse.
  2. Nope Feature request! Also while you're in there... ancestry data is only included in the export file if you first open the Ancestry tab (while on a server). Can that be fixed too?
  3. Can we get the names included in the creature export file?
  4. Got this out of the DNA so far, but need help understanding what it is or what to do with it... I-69.861.4-7:2:2 E-63.142.3-2:5:3 I-36.222.4-18:3:6 A-76.830.8-3:5:7 S-5776.1-1:4:2 E-40.915.6-8:5:2 There are indications of coordinates, maybe map indicators, and maybe even bible references. DILO?
  5. Sort of. Take a look at my previous post for an image with all the text in. I also tried to post the text itself but it says it is hidden - I assume waiting for moderator approval. Edit: Check up a few posts for the full text.
  6. Where the strands twist, you probably need to flip the side you are reading the code from. That would follow how real DNA works. I guess text versions would help: R C B.B C B G.B C G R.R G C R.R C B G.R G C R.C G C B.B C G C.B G R C.B C G R.G C B G.B C G R.C G C R.B C G C.R G C R.B C G C.R B G R.R G R C.R G C B.B C G B.B G R C.B C G B.G C G R.R G C G.R C B G.R G C B.C G R C.R G C B.G C G B.R G C G.B C G B.R G C G.B R.C B B P R P B P P B R C.C P C P.R P R C.C P R C.C R P P.P C R C.B C B P.P C P P.R P B P.P C R C.C B B P.P B B C.C B B P.P C P B.P R R C.B C R C.C R B P.P C P C.B C B P.P C B P.P B C C.C P B P.R P R C.C P C C.B C R C.C P B P.P R R C.C R R P.P R R C.C P C P B Y.Y B Y G.Y B G B.B G B Y.Y B Y G.P G B G.Y G B G.Y B G B.P G P B.Y B G P.G B Y G.Y B G B.Y G B P.B B G Y.P G B G.G B G Y.P G B Y.Y Y G P.P G P B.P G B G.G B G P.P G P B.Y B G B.P B G B.P G B G.Y B Y G.P G B Y.B G P B.P G B G.P B G Y.G G B P.Y B G B.B G B P.Y B G P.P G C C.B C B O.B C O G.C O C B.B C B O.G O C G.C O C O.O C O C.O O G C.B C O B.O C B O.B C O C.C O C G.B C O G.B O C G.B C O G.C B O O.G O G C.G O C B.O C O G.G O G C.B C O B.O C O C.C O C O.C C B O.G O C G.C O G C.G O C O.O C O B.G O C B.G C O B.G O C B.O G.Y B P P.G P Y P.P Y Y B.B G B B.B G B P.P Y G B.Y B Y P.P B Y P.G P Y P.P B Y B.B Y Y P.P Y B B.B Y Y P.P B G Y.G P B B.Y B G B.B G G P.P Y P P.P Y P B.B G Y P.G P G B.B P G B.Y B G B.B P G P.P G G B.B G P P.P G G B.B P Y B G B.Y G Y R.Y G R B.R R G R.G G Y R.B R G B.B R G R.B G R B.Y R B G.Y G R B.B G Y R.Y G R Y.R R G B.Y G R B.Y R G B.Y G R G.B Y R Y.B R B G.B R G Y.G G R G.R R B G.Y G R Y.Y G R G.Y R G Y.B G Y R.B R G Y.Y R B G.B R G B.G G R Y.B R G Y.B G R Y.B R G R.Y The dots signify where the cross-overs are.
  7. So, did a bit of rearranging and flipping to make the strands line up. The results are very interesting... https://imgur.com/a/KFvT8oY There's clearly something missing from strand 5... exactly 8 bases. And there's clearly something special about the marked bases. Witihn a strand, all marks are the same colour except the first. Next stage is lots of decoding, especially experimenting with interlacing the "sides" of the strands so they follow the cross-overs.
  8. There's a config button in the bottom-right that lets you change which Ark you are pointing at. I haven't looked at doing that yet. First and foremost I would need to find a usable map image...
  9. It needs access to the saved .ark file. As Ark mobile is server-based only then no, Larkator won't work.
  10. It should auto-refresh what it detects the save file has changed...
  11. Exactly that - the list of species is a list of species found on that map. If it's not there, it hasn't spawned yet. Cave spawning is a little odd in Ark. Pretty sure you need to be in the area to see any spawns for a particular cave.
  12. Unfortunately this isn't as nice as it should be. Microsoft's setting system loves to complicate things. Under %LocalAppData%\Apps\2.0\Data you'll find some oddly named directories, and under there you'll find one starting lark - try looking in there for user.config. Example: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\Data\KB4AQ8KP.BHR\6DY3X5LK.3YT\lark..tion_0000000000000000_0001.0009_81ea9061220815d0\Data\\user.config Sorry if this was delayed, but I don't check this site often.
  13. Sorry to leave you hanging. I hope the recent updates have eliminated cases of settings being lost. Mods are only supported in the sense that creatures should be displayed, but using their classnames (as there's no way to get at species names). Currently there's no way for you or a mod author to provide this information as only the core Ark files are used as a reference. I'm surprised modded creatures are not showing stats and levels - this hasn't been the case when I've tested it in the past. As I'm short on time for Ark lately, could you help out by creating a small single-player world with a few of the creatures causing trouble and attach it to a GitHub issue please? Thanks for the continued interest
  14. As far as I can tell, ark-tools has (unfortunately) not been updated in a year: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases Make sure you are getting ark-tools.zip, not the source code. Specifically, you need: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases/download/v0.6.4/ark-tools.zip
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