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  1. Neither has an effect on Titans in singleplayer. I've checked. I have a good old titanosaur that I tamed with Immersive Taming, and that one can be fed. It won't eat by itself, but it has thousands of food and I can just top it off when I'm in the area. That doesn't work with Extinction Titans. There was a patch that forced them to starve (to make sure they eventually died on PVP servers, I think) and it broke singleplayer. They never fixed it, or (to my knowledge) even defined if them being impossible to keep as permanent tames in singleplayer was even an intentional change. And since the Forest Titan I've been testing it with has a much lower food stat and loses a point of hunger every few minutes, the only reason it's still alive is that I don't have time to play that often. Building structures on it would be completely pointless though. Adjusting how much creatures eat seems to break all kinds of other things, especially with taming and raising babies. The default food values seem to be hardcoded, and the instant an animal loads it applies the default hunger decay. *then* it checks to see how the modified values affect it. Or that's how it felt. Maybe they changed that, I don't know. In any case, the result was that if you had modified hunger/food values, there was a chance that tames would instantly starve to death before the game realized that "Oh, right. They aren't really *that* hungry yet." Especially with babies if you went out of render range for more than a few minutes. Short version: "Allow Raid Feeding" works on Titanosaurs, has no effect on Titans. Titans cannot be force fed even with it enabled. A nice Quality of Life change would be to make it work on both types of creature in singleplayer, and allow Titans to eat normally if it is enabled.
  2. Hopefully "Quality of Life" includes singleplayer. There's two longstanding issues I can think of, not even sure if one is considered a bug at this point. First: On The Island, the Artifact in one of the ice caves doesn't spawn properly. Or possibly ever. I believe it's the Artifact of the Skylord, in the cave on the ice cliffs on the northern coast. Second: In singleplayer, Extinction Titans slowly starve to death. This was changed after launch, apparently (as always) because of changes to PVP. I could swear that at one point, a dev actually made a post saying that in singleplayer games we'd have the option of keeping them permanently, which is nice for sending them to another map as a mobile base. Bonus item: Almost none of the Extinction creatures react properly with deep water. Unless "sinking like a stone and being unable to even climb back onto the land again" is how they're supposed to work, then they're all set. There's other stuff, like how shoulder pets unequip from the player (and gigantopithicus) every time you load a saved game, but that's probably an engine limitation and not something that could be fixed easily. Or fixed at all.
  3. I went ahead and GMSummoned a Forest Titan to test this, and in my offline, singleplayer game it is slowly starving to death. I do have Raid Dino Feeding enabled but the Titan gains no food value from anything edible. It will consume it, but this just destroys the resource without providing any food value. At the moment the Titan does still seem to heal after taking damage. I wasn't able to test if the food value is set to zero when transferring it because I couldn't get it to transfer at the Ragnarok Blue Obelisk. (I don't know if that's because it's actually not possible to transfer it out of Ragnarok, or simply because I couldn't get it to stop moving close enough to the terminal to be considered a valid target.) Reproduction steps: Enter a singleplayer game, GMSummon any Titan. Watch as it starves and eventually dies.
  4. The problem with jellyfish (and other auto-stunlock creatures like getting ambushed by a Baryonyx underwater) is that they negate nearly *every* tame. There are literally *two* aquatic tames that can safely fight them. Anything else, if you get caught by surprise, you probably die. Want to use an angler? Better take a whale to eat all the jellies first. Want to mess around on an icthy or manta? Oh, right, you need to take a whale in case of surprise jellies. Want to do the water cave and don't have a whale? Sucks to be you, either prepare to lose tame after tame to surprise jellies coming out of the walls, or... come back when you have a whale. And there's nothing you can do to prevent it. If you prefer another tame, or just want to ride something else, tough. There's no way to increase their resistance, or decrease the stun time. (Or if there is, it's certainly not obvious to me.) You might be able to work around it, but if a jelly *ever* catches you by surprise, it will wreck you. The flaw with jellyfish isn't "not every tame is good for every job." It's that if there are jellies, there are exactly *two* tames that are useful at all. Anything else is rolling the dice that you're never, ever going to slip up and miss one while you're busy doing something else. Just because it isn't a problem for you doesn't mean it isn't a problem. Honestly, I think it's an issue with the TLC pass. Yay, Sarcos and Spinos are getting a visual upgrade and new powers. So what? On any map but Aberration, you'd be foolish to actually *use* them. (Aberration takes the novel approach of not giving you any choice, because whales and squid don't exist there without mods.) Kapros and baryonyx will still make them risky to use in the swamps, and jellyfish and eels make it nearly suicidal to use them anywhere else. They'll still be tames that you'd only use because you don't have a whale yet.
  5. EmberStar

    Reaper King

    It's the same code, but there are some differences in how that code handles Single Player. For example, in single player mode, loot beacons can't be used to upload critter or character data, or to create a Tribute portal. Only the Obelisks (and maybe the Tek Teleporter, don't have it so can't check) and even then, each Obelisk can only create a gate to one of the three bosses. This is *distinctly* different than in Multiplayer, where loot beacons can still do everything Obelisk terminals can. And this is an intentional difference, apparently to combat the fact that on multiplayer servers someone can totally be a jerk and box in the portal platforms, blocking all access to them. If you have the "use single player settings" box checked, tamed critters also have vastly different stat boosts. When the setting was first added and I turned it on, I loaded my single player game to see every single one of my pets covered in blood. The setting had altered how their HP was calculated, but not automatically kept them at full health. So they all looked badly hurt because their total HP had just shot up by something like 30% and they were in the process of regenerating to the new total. That said, a lot of my existing pets are basically ancient. Almost all of my flyers predate the Great Flyer Nerf. If I tried to use them for breeding, the offspring would likely be *way* lower level no matter which stats they got, because the nerf didn't refund wild or affinity levels that got spent on Movement Speed.
  6. EmberStar

    Reaper King

    Do you have a post or guide to your trap design? I only play singleplayer, so the only person who can muck up spawn points is me. But it would be nice to have an idea what I should aim for when I get to the point of trying to get a Reaper, and where might be a good place to put it. I've been watching videos from Dahl and Slipgater, and while it's entertaining to watch them get wrecked over and over trying to tame reapers, it's not something I want to live through firsthand. (Purlovias and seekers are apparently an absolute menace if you're trying to tame a reaper, since both can fit through most anything but people doors and shred armor quickly.)
  7. Invertebrate breeding: I would like to see this added to at least some of the giant insects. I believe a dev stated that "the current breeding mechanics don't work with their radically different life cycle." Or something somewhat similar to that. The problem with that statement is that some of the tameable creatures in game don't have larval stages. I'm fairly certain that *real* scorpions actually give birth to live young, which look exactly like extremely tiny versions of the mother. Mantis do hatch from eggs, but they have nymph stages, not larvae - immature mantis look basically like adults, but smaller and with less developed wings. Immature millipedes do look somewhat different than adults, but not radically. (As far as "breaking from reality," real arthropleura were almost certainly detritivores, so the Ark versions being carnivorous and able to spit armor shattering venom is already a massive change.) Short version: I'd like to see in-game breeding added to scorpions and mantis. As combat/utility pets, it would be useful to be able to improve their stats. From a cosmetic perspective, I'm sure some players might enjoy the ability to add mutation colors to them. And for Mantis, it would be nice to have an option to breed them so that you can have extras if you are using them as guard / harvesting mounts. I know the Tek Cloning chamber exists, but in Scorched Earth so do thunderstorms. The chance of a random storm instantly and irreversibly annihilating your source animal by disabling the cloning chamber would seem to make it very inefficient to even spend the resources to construct the chamber there.
  8. Along the lines of the Onyc suggestions, please consider allowing the Archeoperyx to be a properly shoulder mounted pet. They are *mildly* novel as an improvised glider. But the fact that you have to hand carry them (instead of shoulder mounting) means that you have to choose between having an archy and doing literally *everything else that requires hands.* They are basically useless as emergency parachutes, since it's far, far easier to just... carry emergency parachutes. And with the addition of Aberration, they are completely outclassed by the glider units. If there was a way to find repair materials for the gliders on older maps, there would literally be no reason whatsoever to use an archy. As with the onyc, there is nothing they can do which can't be done by stuff which is far easier to manage.
  9. For the Onyc (giant bat) please consider giving it a landing animation and the ability to be carried as a shoulder pet. Right now, it's something you tame for the novelty of having one, and to unlock the "got one of everything" achievement. The constant wing flapping and wildly unpredictable collision box makes their passive taming incredibly difficult, and the fact that you can't carry them makes getting a tamed one out of most of the caves somewhere between "insanely frustrating" and "simply impossible." As pets, there's nothing they can do that isn't done better by creatures that are far easier to manage. Arthropleura are better at breaking armor, and even if most shoulder mounted flyers can't match them for damage, they are far simpler to tame. If you are unwilling to add new animations, please at least consider removing the collision mesh from their wings to that it is possible to tame them without basically being forced to glitch them against a wall or rock.
  10. Specific creature related request: Please, *please* either take collision off the last couple of feet of raptor tails, or change their idle so that it doesn't swing constantly across a huge area. It makes having more than one of them anywhere in your base very frustrating, since they effectively take up *way* more space than they have any right. I can't tell you how often I've tried to walk past (or worse, between) two where I should have plenty of room, only to be pinned to a wall or slapped back because raptor tails are apparently made out of indestructible Cratium. (The material games like Mass Effect make crates out of, the most ridiculously impervious substance in existence.) Also, if you could update the collision box for Megoloceros it would be nice. They don't actually *need* their entire set of antlers to be solid. Again, it makes it unnecessarily frustrating to be around them in a base, and especially when you are taming them. Worse, the collision boxes also exist for the females, but the antler mesh is invisible. (The anchor points on their skull are not, which also looks weird. Why not just model the female with a properly smooth skull, and then *hide* the anchor point with the antler mesh?) I usually try to stick close to wild critters as I tame them, and it has happened more than once that I've been lifted up and snagged on the antler mesh when the animal stands up again.
  11. As an additional suggestion: some kind of structure that small pets can perch on. Actual perches for small flyers and monkeys, nesting boxes or something for dodos and kairuku. If there was an option that would work for slightly larger dinos like dilos and pegos, that would be really nice. It would help with organizing a base (anything with a saddle can be ridden to position it more or less exactly where you want it, but the best you can do for dodos is throw them "somewhere over there." Dilos are even worse, since they may or may not decide to follow you, and generally stop sort of where ever they feel like it.) It would also be useful to be able to use something like this with platform saddles and rafts. On The Island, I'd love to be able to have a mobile snow biome base on a paracer or bronto, with some kairuku to help with keeping it warm. Right now, it doesn't really work - the slight sway of the idle animation means that eventually, the penguins are all squished up against one wall or another. Then they clip through the wall and fall off.
  12. As a general pet-related quality of life feature, I'd like to have options to hide some or all of the floating names for tamed creatures without *also* losing the ability to use a spyglass to see what wild creatures are. For example, I play singleplayer. I don't need to constantly see "Tamed By: Rylee" over every single one of my pets. I also don't need to know their level most of the time, and I only need to see if they're following or not if I'm actually getting ready to lead them somewhere. It would be extremely helpful if there was an option to toggle through different states for tamed pet floating names. Using the toggle to hide the entire UI isn't a great option, because again I have to give up other useful information just so I can look around my fort and see anything besides a wall of green text. If it could toggle through different states like follow distance, that would be ideal. So, for example: 1) Default, exactly like now with all information shown. 2) Name only. 3) Name and buff icons (feeding trough, mate boosted, mating) 4) Name follow state 5) Name and "special" states, like stored charge for lantern pets. It would also be really nice if there was an option to have the name only display at close range or using a spyglass (like wild dinos work now) or only if I'm close and have the pet in the crosshairs. (Like it currently does with the giant floating info box that totally obscures whatever tame you are looking at unless you hide the UI.) Along those lines, it would be very helpful to have similar visibility options for structure nameplates. Again, it would be nice to walk around my base without everything popping up a tag stating what piece it is and how much HP it has constantly. I'd like the information there *if I need it,* but I don't need it on all the time. As part of a TLC and visual upgrade pass, it would be nice if the FX for buffs could be revisited, again with maybe an option for less jarring / cartoonish effects. I'd like to have wolves and hyenas and ravagers without my best ones all looking like they're on fire. And the yutyrannus and daeodon buffs are just... I want to believe they're placeholders, but they're not. Yuty buffs are especially awful an small mounts, since all you can see is Giant Glowing Gold Glow. And the timer circles floating overhead are just visually obnoxious. Again, I'm sure some people are just fine with the current look. I would just appreciate the *option* to have something a bit less jarring and obviously "video game." As far as the images you've shown of the new models, they mostly look decent. I personally would prefer it if the wolves didn't have a constant snarl baked into the model. In general, I'd also love to see the saddles redesigned, and the giant metal barbells in the mouths of nearly everything gotten rid of. The saddles for Raptors are good example of what I'd like to see instead. To me, the giant metal bits are just silly. And for some critters, like rexes and sharks, it makes it look like they'd break their jaws if they ever tried to close their mouths. Even aside from the goofiness of a giga walking around with a metal bar in its mouth the size of a small pickup truck.
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