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  1. Hopefully they can make a bunch of changes for PVP without ruining everything affected for PVE use. ... Yeah, I don't believe it either. Oh well. Since it's likely that they're going to be *just* as fair as they were for managrmr for PVE (IE, they're basically useless as far as I can tell) it saves me the frustration of having to care about taming a Void Wyrm.
  2. Probably the Stryder and the Noglin. I expect the astrodelphus to be nearly impossible to tame (up to *actually* impossible in single player, which megachelons nearly are.) The Shadowmane looks nice, but I've already got packs of x-raptors, deinonychus, ravagers, wolves and saberteeth. It would have to be pretty amazing (and not insane to tame) to earn a spot with all the other "small ridable predator" creatures. And the maewing just kind of creeps me out. OnO Given what it apparently does, I'm expecting a lot of people to get one, paint it white, and name it "Free Candy."
  3. This is Wildcard. They can release it late *and* broken. Just like they did with Extinction, after most of them snuck off to work on Atlas. Now they've got Ark 2, which I'm guessing is the *real* reason the DLC is months and months late. They were too busy making that cinematic for the Game Awards instead of finishing the first game.
  4. Gee, they delayed it for months to secretly work on Ark 2, and STILL can't hit their release date without delaying it even more. What a massive surprise. NOT. I'd say I was extremely disappointed, but what would be the point? Literally no one cares what I think to begin with.
  5. Shout at them on Twitter. They don't pay attention to their own forums at all, but they've got plenty of time to get in pissing contests with random trolls on Twitter.
  6. I wanted to see this in single player. It apparently never triggered by itself. I tried adding the activeevent command after it clearly didn't work. Which also clearly didn't work. So... yay. Once again, singleplayer mode can apparently suck it.
  7. I'm not a programmer, but my guess is that it's not just the event assets. It's all the code that makes them work, for every event. The assets can't amount to much, otherwise they wouldn't keep adding more skins to each event and then let us keep them all. So it's either that the code that drives the event is really big, or that it kept getting hung up on stuff and causing weird bugs. Or both. Adding a bunch of new sweaters and hats clearly isn't a problem. They even let people keep the zombie wyverns this year. That leaves the code that spawns in the Event bosses, and that drives the r
  8. I really want them to bring back the Archeology event. Or if not bring it back, do what they did with the Tek skins and add a chance for brontos and trikes and pachy's to spawn as brachiosaurs and styracosaurs and stygymolochs. The skins were really nice, and there isn't any way at all to get them now without just cheating them in.
  9. If it helps: I just remembered that after the Anniversary event ended this year, I was able to turn the recipes and Party Dodos back on with the ActiveEvent command. They automatically turned off the moment the event ended on Officials, but I was able to extend it until the next hotfix (which removed all the assets.) Once they hotfixed it though, the only effect the ActiveEvent command seemed to have was that wild critters would still spawn with event colors sometimes. The recipes and Party Dodos were hard deleted, so all I had was a few stacks of Birthday Cake that I'd accidentally pi
  10. I guess from their point of view they were already upfront when they stripped out all the holiday assets the first time. They had a big patch that nuked everything and broke ActiveEvent for all the old holiday stuff. It flat out deleted existing zombie wyverns, and made it impossible to re-run the Archeology or -Chronicles events. It was apparently done mostly for consoles (allegedly) because of the memory savings. They only just rolled it back slightly by allowing people to keep zombie wyverns this time. But they still deleted everything else, including the zomdodos. Sorry to
  11. The way they've been handling the events is that as soon as it's over and they do the next hotfix they actually *remove* all the holiday-only assets. So even if you have ActiveEvent set up, there won't be Raptor Claus or Gacha Clause because they completely remove the files for them. Ditto for all the holiday decorations. Personally I'm going to try to remember to go through and demolish all the decorations on the last day, because most of them give a small amount of coal/holly. I'll use that to craft a few extra sweaters or hats or something. Mostly because, as I said, chances are ve
  12. I've had this too. As near as I can tell, it's false flagging the settings .ini files because they're not default. The only time I've *not* had Verify Files report that two didn't match... was after patches like the launch of Genesis 1 and Extinction, where the update wiped my settings.
  13. I just got this today while playing. I'm in singleplayer (so it's not necessarily network related) and I don't even have BattleEye installed. (So it's not necessarily a BattleEye problem.) The error popped up in the middle of playing, but now it pops up when I try to start the game and it instantly crashes to desktop. Has anyone *ever* figured out what causes this or how to get rid of it?
  14. Neither has an effect on Titans in singleplayer. I've checked. I have a good old titanosaur that I tamed with Immersive Taming, and that one can be fed. It won't eat by itself, but it has thousands of food and I can just top it off when I'm in the area. That doesn't work with Extinction Titans. There was a patch that forced them to starve (to make sure they eventually died on PVP servers, I think) and it broke singleplayer. They never fixed it, or (to my knowledge) even defined if them being impossible to keep as permanent tames in singleplayer was even an intentional change. And since
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