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  1. Neither has an effect on Titans in singleplayer. I've checked. I have a good old titanosaur that I tamed with Immersive Taming, and that one can be fed. It won't eat by itself, but it has thousands of food and I can just top it off when I'm in the area. That doesn't work with Extinction Titans. There was a patch that forced them to starve (to make sure they eventually died on PVP servers, I think) and it broke singleplayer. They never fixed it, or (to my knowledge) even defined if them being impossible to keep as permanent tames in singleplayer was even an intentional change. And since the Forest Titan I've been testing it with has a much lower food stat and loses a point of hunger every few minutes, the only reason it's still alive is that I don't have time to play that often. Building structures on it would be completely pointless though. Adjusting how much creatures eat seems to break all kinds of other things, especially with taming and raising babies. The default food values seem to be hardcoded, and the instant an animal loads it applies the default hunger decay. *then* it checks to see how the modified values affect it. Or that's how it felt. Maybe they changed that, I don't know. In any case, the result was that if you had modified hunger/food values, there was a chance that tames would instantly starve to death before the game realized that "Oh, right. They aren't really *that* hungry yet." Especially with babies if you went out of render range for more than a few minutes. Short version: "Allow Raid Feeding" works on Titanosaurs, has no effect on Titans. Titans cannot be force fed even with it enabled. A nice Quality of Life change would be to make it work on both types of creature in singleplayer, and allow Titans to eat normally if it is enabled.
  2. Hopefully "Quality of Life" includes singleplayer. There's two longstanding issues I can think of, not even sure if one is considered a bug at this point. First: On The Island, the Artifact in one of the ice caves doesn't spawn properly. Or possibly ever. I believe it's the Artifact of the Skylord, in the cave on the ice cliffs on the northern coast. Second: In singleplayer, Extinction Titans slowly starve to death. This was changed after launch, apparently (as always) because of changes to PVP. I could swear that at one point, a dev actually made a post saying that in singleplayer games we'd have the option of keeping them permanently, which is nice for sending them to another map as a mobile base. Bonus item: Almost none of the Extinction creatures react properly with deep water. Unless "sinking like a stone and being unable to even climb back onto the land again" is how they're supposed to work, then they're all set. There's other stuff, like how shoulder pets unequip from the player (and gigantopithicus) every time you load a saved game, but that's probably an engine limitation and not something that could be fixed easily. Or fixed at all.
  3. I found two more wild tek parasaurs, and they have the same artifacting issues. But since no one is even replying with a "yeah, me too" response it would seem that it's just my game that's screwed up. Does anyone know which files I should back up to keep the Steam Verify function from screwing up my settings? Forcing Steam to Verify the files seems like about my only option. I am using mods (S+ and Steampunk and Platforms Plus.) And since they're almost all structure related, trying to load the game with them turned off would be way, way more game breaking than the tek parasaurs looking terrible.
  4. I'm playing in singleplayer. A couple of days ago I tamed a Tek Parasaur and then exited the game. At the time it looked completely fine. When I went to play again today, there's a strange graphical glitch. There seems to be a cluster of flickering lines (some black, some glowing with the energy colors) that jitter and flicker like some kind of anti-light lases show under its tail. At certain points in the animation it looks completely normal. At other points in the idle animation, the black triangles stretch out to cover most of the visible screen. They disappear instantly if I get a short distance away (about the right distance for it to switch from the "high detail" close up model to the slightly lower resolution version.) I immediately exited the game and shut down the computer since it seemed possible that it might be a weird memory error from letting Windows 10 run too long. But when I started the computer and reloaded the game, the tek parasaur was still glitched. I'm trying to figure out if this is a bug that I should try to report, or just a random thing that's happened in my game. As near as I could tell running around my base, it doesn't affect any of the other critters I've collected yet. I only have one tek parasaur and none were spawned near my fort so I couldn't compare yet to a wild one. If it's a bug, I'll go ahead and try to get a screenshot. (I don't use Steam Overlay, and Ark doesn't have its own screenshot function. So taking pictures is a massive pain.) Edit: A few images of the problem, assuming I have this set up correctly. https://imgur.com/Vphzm48 https://imgur.com/yRxrVYn https://imgur.com/PirF0h4
  5. I personally don't mind using Singleplayer settings to increase the rate of taming and XP gain. It's a useful way to offset the fact that time stops moving in the game when I'm not playing it. If you have a server with "official" settings, you could (for example) knock out a really big critter, build a wood foundation and thatch privacy fence around it and let it get hungry for a few hours while you watch a movie or do chores or something. Then log back in, throw a bunch of kibble on it and *boomf*, all tamed. In singleplayer that doesn't work the same way. If you leave render range of an in-progress tame, *especially* a passive tame, there seems to be a chance that it'll just reset if you get too far from it. I don't have enough free time right now to feel it's a good use of it to spend twelve hours staring at a sleeping bronto because I don't want to risk that the game will decide it doesn't want to keep track of the torpor when I'm not looking directly at it. I do wish they'd fix the Artifact of the Skylord though. It doesn't seem to spawn in my game at all, no matter how long I hang out in that stupid cave. (I've sat in there whacking at spiders for a couple of hours at least twice, and it simply does not spawn.)
  6. I don't really know, I try to avoid using cheats. I had the impression that a lot of cheats reset when the server restarts. Which, in Singleplayer, is every time you load the game and start playing again. I know that "stuff comes undone on a server restart" is why I can't have my bigfoots in Aberration wander around with a buldbog on their shoulder to keep the Nameless out - every time I start playing again, the bulbdogs are left floating in space because they get dismounted. I summoned the one Titan for testing purposes, with the full intention that I'd just ignore it until I bounce back to Extinction and tame one "for reals." Assuming that's even possible solo. I'm waiting for them to sort out more of the Extinction bugs before I move there. (And in the meantime I want to unlock the rest of the boss tekgrams and explorer notes and creature dossiers.) Unlike someone else in this thread, I don't claim to speak for everyone else. Or anyone else. I play exclusively Singleplayer though, and there is less than zero chance I would ever try to play online. I have a job where "real life" can happen, sometimes for a month or more. I have no interest in playing in a mode where I'd be guaranteed to lose everything anytime I couldn't log in for a couple of days. (Structure decay, creature starvation, and just people generally going out of their way to be jerks and doing stuff like... oh, I don't know, kiting Corrupted Wyverns into offline players bases on PVE servers just for the lulz.) If someone enjoys online play, that's nice. But please don't confuse "it's not a problem FOR ME" with "It can't be a problem AT ALL." *Edit* I'm not max level yet, but supposedly if you play with Singleplayer Settings turned on, it greatly increases the amount of Engram Points you get each level. To the point that you *CAN* build almost everything. Or at least the stuff that has any use in a solo game - you'd probably have to skip the Heavy Turrets and a few other expensive high level Engrams. Again, supposedly. I'm not high level enough to know for sure, and I don't feel like going to the wiki and digging up a citation for it.
  7. I went ahead and GMSummoned a Forest Titan to test this, and in my offline, singleplayer game it is slowly starving to death. I do have Raid Dino Feeding enabled but the Titan gains no food value from anything edible. It will consume it, but this just destroys the resource without providing any food value. At the moment the Titan does still seem to heal after taking damage. I wasn't able to test if the food value is set to zero when transferring it because I couldn't get it to transfer at the Ragnarok Blue Obelisk. (I don't know if that's because it's actually not possible to transfer it out of Ragnarok, or simply because I couldn't get it to stop moving close enough to the terminal to be considered a valid target.) Reproduction steps: Enter a singleplayer game, GMSummon any Titan. Watch as it starves and eventually dies.
  8. I really, really, *really* don't like using cheats, but I wanted to test this. I GMSummoned a Forest Titan and just parked it in my singleplayer game. It *is* slowly starving to death, and can't be force fed. Or more accurately, doesn't gain food from anything you force feed it. (It seems to be able to consume anything edible, but doing so provides no health and no food value.) I *do* have Raid Dino Feeding enabled, so it appears that Titans are immune to that setting. So at the moment, Titans are *not* permanent in Singleplayer. As near as I can tell, it will eventually starve and die. Since they also now take massively increased damage when fighting other Titans, this seems to make them... kind of completely pointless in Singleplayer. They don't harvest resources, they can't survive a fight with another Titan, they're *worse* than useless for defending Orbital Supply Drops, and since they'll eventually die they aren't even something you can keep around as a mobile base. The Forest Titan also seems to have a super hard time walking up steep slopes and can't jump, which makes getting it anywhere near deep water super risky. I'm back on the Ragnarok map, and was trudging along the beach to find somewhere to park it. Slipped down one of the cliffs that are everywhere underwater, and had to walk clear around to the Blue Obelisk before I lucked out and found a spot were I could sort of thrash around and get back onto the beach.
  9. Well, for the Gacha I was thinking that's sort of the point. Walk around and use a "resource" Gacha to harvest random resources, then slowly eat it and turn it into something not native to the map. (Basically turning berries and thatch into silk or clay or gems or whatever.) It's as much for my personal "role play" as anything, since it's way more time efficient to just roll up next to one with a doedi and give them a couple of tons of rocks to munch.
  10. Oh, so the sloths have harvesting disabled by default? I didn't think of that, I'll check it later.
  11. I finally tamed a Gacha, and wanted to see how much (and which kinds) of stuff it could harvest. And as near as I can tell, it can't actually harvest anything. It can do damage in a fight, but it doesn't seem to harves thatch, wood, berries, stone, or anything else I've tried. I've noticed the same issue with gasbags - once they're tamed, they can't even harvest their own berries. Is this working as intended? I don't expect either to be "best at" harvesting stuff. There's other creatures that are more specialized. But it seems weird that they don't appear to harvest *anything.* I'm playing Singleplayer, if that somehow makes a difference.
  12. EmberStar


    The Extinction map has jellyfish? Because I'm pretty sure the original poster was specifically referring to the Extinction map.
  13. So a little while ago a patch nerfed the new Titans. I'm guessing the intent was to put more limits on them for online play and especially PVP. But it seems like some of the changes are affecting them in Singleplayer. I was watching a video by someone who plays in singleplayer mode, and they opened the stats for a GMSummoned Forest titan. And it looked like it was losing food. I'm wondering if the "stops regaining health an hour after being tamed" might not also be affecting singleplayer. Given how hard it probably is to tame a Titan in singleplayer, is it on purpose that it's no longer a permanent tame? (Because if it eventually starves and/or dies of accumulated damage, it's kind of *not* permanent.) Or is this just a case of "changes were made for PVP, and no one cared what it does to singleplayer mode?"
  14. The Harvest Settings are in the creature's radial menu. You have to set them for each individual creature. If it isn't eating from troughs, you might have some other bug and I don't know how to help with that.
  15. You mean instead of / in addition to harvesting meat? Did you check under the Harvest Settings? There is a setting that prevents tamed creatures from harvesting resources. You might have accidentally turned it on. There are two settings. One prevents tames from collecting items, one prevents resource harvesting. Offhand, I'd guess someone might want to turn off item collection on "disposable" tames, or at least non-ridden ones, just to make it easier to find anything you pick up while doing caves or hunting Alpha creatures. Turning off resource harvesting can help if you are using berry pickers in combat (Megatherium, brontos) or for dimorphodons in caves so that they don't get overloaded by tons of berries or meat.
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