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  1. Completed my new base layout (basically completely roofed) for both myself and my dinos. But have yet to complete the inside layouts (segregating the different areas and such). Decided to stop the building phase and instead focus on moving whatever dinos I have over. Most of them are being carried over by my Wyvern. Have so far moved most of them. Only left with my lystro, 2 dung beetles, a scorpy, my argent and my 2 Rexes. The 2 Rexes are gonna have to make a long track on foot though since they can't be carried obviously. In the mean time while shuttling, I'm mass crafting water pipes and electrical cables so that I can have them installed in my new base when I've finally moved everything over. Gotta save up lots of metal ingots for the industrial forge though as I'm currently only running 2 refining forges and I'm using lots of metal now.
  2. On Scorched Earth - Single Player (PC) Backstory abit: Decided I wanted to give Scorched Earth a go since it was something different (and the fact I kinda hated the aquatic aspect on The Island), so I bought SE a few weeks ago (just my luck that there is a steam sale for it going on now...), and did a character transfer from TI over to SE. I brought along with me just a few pieces of gear (basically a metal pick, axe, sickle and a single crossbow) along with 2 dinos (my bred Argent and a bred Sabertooth). Spawned in as close to the Green Obelisk as possible. Promptly got killed by a direwolf on spawn . Spawned in a second time and somehow managed to dodge and make my way to the green obelisk to retrieve my items and dinos (close shave with a couple of raptors but a few bolas to root them in place did the job). Built a small base on a cliff just above the Green Obelisk and slowly settled in. After spending my majority of time camped out next to the Green Obelisk, I've finally found an area which I've decided will be my main base and have thus started on a huge base building project. Location is somewhere at around 58 Lat, 38 Lon. Just to the left of the small mountain which has crystal, salt, obsidian and metal resource nodes. There is a raised plateau of sorts with a water vein in the middle and 2 small cliffs (with a pretty flat surface at the top) next to it. Currently Walled off the access points for the raised plateau and begun construction for a big dino pen to house the majority of my dinos. Building next to the small mountain does invite some trouble as Argents fly pretty close and I've been attacked a couple of times whilst building. From watching youtube videos as well, I do know that area can be raided by wild wyverns occasionally. Much of it i'm building with adobe (due to the heat) but I've lined the perimeter with stone to prevent damage from most creatures (may have to switch to metal for my perimeter wall instead though due to golems which I do know are nearby). Have also begun constructing a stone bridge from the plateau to the nearest cliff. Will probably use that cliff as the base to house myself. The third cliff which is to the left and slightly higher I will probably use it to house my flyers but that will be for the future. For now, I'm simply mass placing foundations so that I can get an idea of how big I want to build and to see the layout. This project has me chewing through resources like crazy though and although I have increased yields from harvest, I still go through a ton of them. Have already used over 150+ adobe foundations and about a 100 Stone foundations. Stone isn't an issue as I do have a pretty high level doedi which i've pumped points into weight and damage. But thatch, wood, and cactus sap is being drained constantly. Considering bringing my Therizinosaurus over from TI but for now, my chainsaw is sustaining me. On my work desktop now so i'll post pics in the future when I can.
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