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  1. I'm hoping for a single player option!! Would love to be able to just play by myself or just on a non dedicated server with friends where ever i go!
  2. yea not gunna pay 90$ for it. the book is the orginal island creatures only anyway.
  3. i never said survivors were homo deus...? sooo hell the survivors arent even homo sapiens.
  4. homo sapiens went extinct, homo deus is the clone version. there both sides are heard and explained
  5. this is a serious question, how would you split screen on a computer?
  6. Don't you hate it when you're playing PvE and either one the game crashes and your outside your base and someone comes along and drags your body into water to drown you and take all your stuff? Oh joy, what a time to be alive. LOL

  7. When do you leave the 'early bird' tier?


    EDIT: Reply: i was told you have to be active in the community, but how can we when they only allow us one post a day?

    1. Simonw89


      no idea mate i have been waiting weeks 

    2. OrisRas


      that is stupid!

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