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  1. ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to mobile devices

    I'm hoping for a single player option!! Would love to be able to just play by myself or just on a non dedicated server with friends where ever i go!
  2. Please fix weapons not reloading

    The hit registration kills me sometimes but yes the reload lagging out is unbearable and causes alot of issues when trying to tame dinos especially aggressive breeds.
  3. Nvidia Ansel

    So while trying to use the new Ansel project from Nvidia i ran into the issue where you cant use it in multiplayer. Is this a singleplayer visual app only?
  4. Glider Suit Nerf

    why should your armor take more damage if you add the glider skin? youre adding armor (cosmetically) not taking it away.
  5. How does electricity vs fuel work?

    then the server I play on isn't vanilla lol
  6. How does electricity vs fuel work?

    on normal settings 1 gas can will last 18 hours in real time. the wind turbines imo suck unless youre in a great location with alomst 100% wind everyday. but wind turbines can be linked together in order to run nonstop. you can even set your generator up to kick on automatically when your turbines kick off. Happy Arking!
  7. Thats why i try to find a server with the no air turbine mod(:
  8. highland doesnt always have 100% wind normally runs between 65%-80% i only know this because i have a base set up at the farm
  9. Glider Suit Nerf

    that makes sense.
  10. Ragnarok Oil Pump

    on PvE you have to get the oil rig in render distance or another tribe can come demolish it when the time expires. the only way for you to get it back is place a bed with a foundation near by and wait til their timer expires then replace with your own. and keep the bed and foundation there and spawn there once evrytime you play and the timer will reset make the foundation out of stone or metal those have the longest timers.
  11. Glider Suit Nerf

    only down side is they dont have tek hasmat mod which keeps tek suit from breaking as easy in radiation and from you taking radiation poisoning. I mean youre in alien gear why would it take radiation damage lol
  12. Glider Suit Nerf

    the server i play on doesnt allow fliers but has the tek helper mod so you can easily craft element.
  13. Glider Suit Nerf

    i mean it was orginally only an abby thing because there are no fliers...
  14. Glider Suit Nerf

    i havent use the glide suit in awhile so im unaware of the cooldown, but i agree its pretty stupid to nerf it just because it does what it was intended to do.