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  1. S+ update, What do you think?

    completely agree its stupid large
  2. So S+ just had an update recently, mainly pertaining to abberation, but still has a few extra structures built in for other maps. -tek chamber -organized safes. What are your thoughts on the new update?
  3. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    I'd try a PvPvE server, Normally its PvE on weekdays and PvP on weekends just to keep the fun around
  4. I normally play around 7am central, what is peak time for you
  5. Tribe Changes

    So I had listed my Tribe on the Tribe section and chose closed tribe instead of open tribe. Is there anyway to change it, or do I need to start another one? Thanks in advance, OrisRas
  6. Question on some things

    more than likely crystal isles wont become apart of Ark s+ snap point i believe will be integrated with other things from s+ and the TLC update is supposed to be in Spring if i remember correctly
  7. Advice please?

    add armyguard212 on PSN he'll be happy to help
  8. Tamed Reapers can roar!

    ah i read ravangers sorry mate
  9. Dead Earth?

    but whos "EARTH"...? (;
  10. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    Ik some wont, but I've made this comment before and there's always one that likes to think OF is the best thing about ARK and whenever someones trashs OF they think their world ended.
  11. Tamed Reapers can roar!

    They act just as the Hyenas do. The pack leader roars then the rest follow(:
  12. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    best tip i have is go to unofficial lol. sorry dont take it personal guys and gals that play OF