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  1. Lag makes the game unplayable I'm on a refreshed apocalypse server and the lag is terrible, there's literally hardly any structures and tames and it's like looking the eyes of a extremely intoxicated person, no I never stepped on mushrooms.
  2. Anyone know when the Apocalypse servers reset? Also how many in-game days they last?
  3. I get what you mean, I joined a tribe once in pvp apocalypse and beat the se boss, not done any other bosses without cheating but it honestly doesn't interest me. The fight was fun but all I really wanted was to get tek and that wasn't going to happen. The caves and artifacts for one and the tasks you have to do to get to that stage is boring. The se caves were ok but some of the loot was bugged and you cant access it. I'd prefer good, balanced PvP, no massive tribes, 5 man at most, improved maps, remove giga and tek dinos along with some other ridiculous things. I'd still play solo because the more I've played with other people the more I realise I just want to do my own thing and be immersed in what I'm doing.
  4. All this sounds great tbh, remove all the broken things and make it more competitive. I normally play ark on console but might actually play it on PC for this mode. Meaningful changes to improve the map would be great, also keeping in mind how solo players play and make smaller defendable positions, possibly even making the maps bigger. Getting rid of shared experience would also be great because players working together already have a massive advantage. 25 players max still sounds way too much. I'd honestly welcome 5 man tribes. I can only hope. If this game never had the huge tribe numbers stigma and people expecting tribes to run for eternity as a breeding simulator I honestly think it would have had huge potential.
  5. Just dropping into to your guys conversation here but "haven't grasped the basics of building up quickly and efficiently.", I certainly have and makes no bit of difference, I've constantly tested builds offline, used cheats to fly around the map to find the best locations and by doing this I've realised how bad the map actually is and how much you're at a disadvantage as a solo player. 2 people as efficient as you will do double, that's just the way it is in any game but on top of that get extra shared exp, like why? The devs are idiots and incompetent. They have sold millions of copies at full price along with plenty of expansions and the game is no where near it's full potential and is just a cash grab, now they've moved onto Atlas which is practically Ark with pirates. There's so many glaring issues with the game and when people get pissed and write on a forum they are met with idiots who are like "just another trash post", yes, exactly, another trash post because that's what people relate with in this game. Devs from other companies that I respect have recently said they love feedback, ANY feedback and they genuinely take the trash talk on board because they understand these people are the most passionate about the game and want change for the better and they want there game to be better and don't charge you full price plus however many expansion before the game is even acceptable to move forward.
  6. You can't play this game solo and get far but youtube will tell you otherwise with there clearly set up bs and lies that doesn't work in any official format unless the server is dead in which case you won't really be playing pvp but more of a relaxed when I'm I going to die. This game hasn't been made for solo players, I wouldn't recommend it at all. Look above for optimism and sugar coated old man experience.
  7. Will the rates of black pearls by death worms be increased since its the only source for them on scorched earth? The drop rate doesn't coincide with how much element you can get from the manticore boss fight.
  8. Would be great if they made some servers where you couldnt make or join a tribe and it was just a solo environment, I think pvp would actually be more enjoyable and sort out issues within the solo community but servers seem bad, PvE extremely lagging, PvP overrun by huge tribes, games well past due to be deleted/resetted. My other unrelated issue is raising dinos, I can't even get an hours sleep, I would need to stay up for days, every hour apart from one hour in which I contemplate why I'm putting my body and mind through this hell. I agree with people saying that they concentrate on tribes and one game play element that shows this is raising dinos. Tribes can rotate people looking after a baby dino (good luck on finding a player who's willing to do that), solo players just see a baby dino eating 10x that of an adult dino and think what the hell and/or coming back with the trough full of rotten meat and a dead baby or 5.
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