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  1. The event is sweet, thank you! Classic and Conquest player request are yet again ignored however. You are not listening to player feedback. There are heaps of comments on the previous community crunch post for requests on the removal of several dinos for this coming season of classic. Please acknowledge us...it feels like an echo chamber over here...
  2. Saying nobody wants gigas removed is simply false. Look how many comments say to remove them. Golems are easy to counter without gigas. Rockets, argy picks, gas nades, grapples--all other examples aside from allos and thylas to counter them. There is nothing fulfilling in meat running someone's base with just a giga or two. It should be difficult and rewarding on both the attacking and defending sides.
  3. Please disable Gigas!! I have been playing every season since the first and Gigas have ruined any opportunity for other heavy hitters to be viable. No one uses rexes, spinos, allos, brontos. Season One was incredible for the diversity in pvp!!!
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