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  1. ...... Hey single player: download a mod Hey unofficial players: download a mod Hey pve players: ask wildcard to add building stuff for you Normal game people that want wc to add the stuff to the main game then disable all non-prim stuff, play prim.... Wildcard fix the load. This post has been annoying at best, like asking the pvp players what to do with pve. "Hey yeah I dont play pve but I say wipe them all."
  2. Like I stated before, during one of the updates one of the dev accidentally flipped the switch on our server turning it from prim to normal. Just the prim stuff went away. It seems to me that if you are planning to add brick..(idk why) to the main game then if you flipped the switch again we wouldnt lose our bases. So with just that change we keep our dinos and bases. Wiping us completely... people play here even though the load takes 20min. I would assume about 90% of the people trying prim for the first time assume their pc is froze and close the game. Plants dont work anyways so no big deal if gone. All explosives are buggy as hell Prim weapons are op Alchemy, Advanced, Construct, Indi Forge, Indi Cooker- You are talking bout adding them to main game anyways. Alchemy is way op compared to base game. Advanced smithy would be a good thing for the normal game. Construction table is just to make prim stuff so not needed if devs add items to game instead of a moder. Indi cooker and forge need coal, add coal to main game? The safes, and storage boxes? K.... not very hard to reskin and make more of those anyways. Am I missing something? Thats prim right there ^ So for us to not be wiped and to keep our bases and all our poop, add brick to game flip switch...
  3. Oh no, it's the framing of the question, "What to do about prim plus" 1-5 are something then wipe. All are wipe, we dont wanna get wiped lol whats done with the content doesnt matter to us, the questions arent even directed at us. "Hey we are gonna wipe prim you guys want their stuff?" lol
  4. Yeah just drop us from the update list and leave us be if ya must, or be nice and fix it so it doesn't load core then overwrite with prim and just loads prim. I get the other people want all the prim stuff to the core game but what they are really talking about is shutting down a official supported mod that they didn't support. It's not that people didnt want to play the version of this game, they did its just this version of the game never was given the care all the other official mods were. Drop us from the normal patch list. Fix the load Now that you are not rewriting the mod every week spend a little time on the bugs list from 2 years ago after you take all the prim content and add it to the normal servers so they can not use any of it and wonder why none of the crops do anything. Be funny as hell if you added the battle axe to the normal game, just so all you guys know no door or gate can hold up to it for longer then 30secs. The rest..... you have better versions. Would be a ton of work adding it to the main game for nothing... Except what some of you are talking about which is disabling everything and making a prim plus server.... which we have now! The dev is saying they are gonna wipe us cause rather then splitting us out of the game (like i thought we should of been being it restarts when you turn prim on) and spending their time giving us updates they been wasting their time making specific patches to keep us running with each patch. Which being we have been able to pick up ankys for one week with our argents just now and that came out match 20th last year has mostly been to keep our servers online and not actually add the patches.... We aint a legacy server, we need a path out of here....
  5. Another thing you guys can do to save our servers and our work is just flip the switch from prim to normal. It was done by mistake before and the servers came up, all dinos and mats were there just any prim only things were gone. If somehow you could have brick=metal patch, and a list of containers to empty (cause they will go poof) and give us a week to try to get our mats moved out of them... Then swap us over to normal servers, lock transferring and let us farm turrets. I just dont really think wiping a none legacy server type that has a big icon at the bottom of the main load screen to play it, that is considered at the same level as rag, and has zero specific updates in one year and a 20min load time is fair. By all measures it was designed to fail but we played it trusting that it would be supported, it hasn't been. Give us a path forward since we weren't give a path to succeed.
  6. Granted I dont know how exactly it works, but why not just pull it out and make it a stand alone instead of a conversion. It sounds like every patch you guys write you have to rewrite prims code to accept it. Make us a separate game, stop loading base code then rewriting it with prim when we log in (gives us the load time) just load prim, and pull us from the normal update pool. The fast (normal) load time will get the population up, you guys can stop having to mess with writing specific updates for 100 to 200 players every patch and we can finally have a chance to grow as a game type. Prim is the in between from official and unofficial, the reason there are thousands of unofficial servers is cause the massive difference between the powerful and the new on normal servers. On prim that difference is cut down amazingly small. Several times on our cluster streamers have came in and within two weeks have wiped everyone, it's just dinos here. Cut us out, let our population grow, and give us a dev when it does. Prim is the best game type even with it taking as long as it does to load and the only dev love besides you guys having to fix it every patch it seems was one year ago this month. Plus think with you getting to stop recoding every patch you put out you could just spend a fraction of that time just coding to give prim it's own updates every few months. I think this option will keep us from getting wiped... will lessen your work load, and will give prim its first chance at actually being a supported game type (outside of the fact you guys have been spending time every patch to keep it up....)
  7. Make it a mod, if you can not save the servers then give us a 1-3 month heads up before you wipe us so we can pick some fights.
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