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  1. Fatbear

    smart breeder official server values?

    damn thought that was going to be somebody saying, oh it's super simple , change this value to this .... damn
  2. Since the imprint timer changed from 4 hour to 8 hour ive had real problems using smart breader. Here is an example: lvl 233 baronyx : When I try to extract the stats in smart breader: Always have red stats. I assume I need to set some of the settings to different values, I play on official servers and have no idea where to get the offical multiplers from? Any suggestions or observations of what I've done wrong will be appreciated! TIA.
  3. Fatbear

    obelisk dino camping

    Yeah I'm on about path leading to oblisk, not the terminal itself.
  4. There are so many pillars near my base completely useless land to the people who pillared them. However, because they are russian or chinese the names show up as [] [] [] , which means I dont even know who to ask for in main chat. A good solution would be to allow players to send a message somehow to whoever has the structure, maybe limit it to 1 or 2 messages a day to stop people abusing it, but this would maybe help me get some pillars removed!
  5. Fatbear

    obelisk dino camping

    Cant' report them because it's Russian characters that I can't read, [] people And yes as it's PVE, you cant kill the dinos, usually have offline protection too. Reporting people is really manually process, my suggestion was to make it more automated some how.
  6. Fatbear

    obelisk dino camping

    Our official server has so many dinos camped over oblisks, the only way to get dinos to them now is to transfer them from a drop then download them at an oblisk. All the paths to the oblisks are full of rexs. It would be good to see some solution to this. Perhaps dinos near an ob, will despawn after 2 days, this way people would be more inclined to move them.
  7. thanks, I have been wondering this for ages!
  8. Fatbear

    Your reasons for quitting ARK

    Quit PvP because fed up of gearing up for raid lagging out coming back eventually to find everything killed by turrets . This was a while back so maybe not a thing as much now. However how the pve servers are I can't imagine it's much better
  9. Fatbear

    3 Word Stories

    Not enough meat Died from starvation
  10. Fatbear

    Flying into the scar

    Recently I've been reluctant to fly into the scar as the official serve I'm on has a lot of random disconnects and big lags. Any suggestions on avoiding DC in scar and then losing wyvern/mount?
  11. Fatbear

    Egg Collection Systm

    +1 for hatchery