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  1. Build Limit? Is there a build limit in Ark Mobile and if so, what is the limit? This is for single player.
  2. Will The Thylacoleo Ever Come To Ark Mobile? Just curious if the Thyla will ever make it to Ark Mobile?
  3. Couldn't be mobile either as mobile doesn't have any DLCs.
  4. That I have. There isn't much on it and when going to purchase a Nitrado server for mobile, it says it's not possible. /shrug
  5. Adding Creatures Via Admin Console On Private Servers? I was part of a server where someone was able to spawn in a creature and I'm not sure how they did it. That server has shut down and I cannot ask them how they did it. Now that I am looking at maybe making my own server, I am curious how it is done again. Doing research shows that it cannot be done. How was this person able to do it?
  6. Can You Get Snow Owls To Spawn Naturally On Xbox Valguero Server? Is there code to get snow owls to spawn naturally on Valguero for Xbox servers?
  7. Keep Amber If I Delete Character? I'm just curious. Do I get to keep the amber I have accrued if I delete my single player character and start over?
  8. I didn't realize I had put this on the mobile forum for some reason. This is resolved as I canceled the sub through PayPal.
  9. Canceling Primal Pass on IOS?? I no longer have access to a Apple device. How do I go about canceling my Primal Pass without that access?
  10. While not too happy that they haven't done any updates or looking to do anything that resembles an update and they are removing servers... I can understand why they are removing servers. The most amount of players that any of the current PvP servers have is 12 out of 48 on NA PVP TheIsland30. The next highest is 8 players on PvP server 15. Most have 1 or two or even 0 players on them. This is what companies do when servers aren't being utilized to save money. I have been through many server merges or shutdowns since I started playing computer games with EQ back in 1999. It makes smart business sense and yes, it pisses players off, but game developers know this. Try and see the silver lining in it. Maybe now they will update the game and bring some DLCs or other maps in with the money that they save in the long run.
  11. It at least sounds promising!
  12. Does it look like anything has been improved?
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