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  1. I still build my bases like ORP doesn't exist. I guess it is a holdover from legacy days. When I started reading this thread, I was dead set against removing ORP, and I thought that it was a goofy argument to even have. The discussion has been really good though, and I almost changed my mind a few times. Unfortunately I remembered that there are jerks everywhere and some people don't need a reason to come to your server and wreck 15 days of work, or take out a cryo fridge with a year's worth of work inside. Again, I plan for all of this and "backup" my dinos across other servers (that is as much to defend against WC as it is other players), but with ORP I don't have to be concerned about the 12 year old or 40 year old no lifer threatening to wipe my base when I go offline. I have been pillared, and it is frustrating, but I realized that getting pillared was as much my fault as the idiot that did it. Mark off your territory, defend it, and don't be a douche. Problem Solved.
  2. I have a dedicated Rex team for the Alpha Dragon fight. I leveled only melee since the flame breath is percentage based. I might start taking a heal pig, not sure, but we have beaten it without the pig so if it ain't broke... The rag fight would be a joke for you with your current stats.
  3. I'd go buy yourself a boss rex egg and go from there. You can get really good Rexes really cheap. If you get a Rex with a base melee of 500 or more with 20K health you will be fine in the Alpha Rag fight with good saddles. There are probably people on your server that are throwing those kinds of Dinos away right now because those stats are garbage, but they can beat every boss on every map except Island Dragon. Good Luck.
  4. This is the Ragnarock dragon fight correct? We just run with 19 Rexes and a Yuty. I have been a part of some terrible luck runs where stuff dies because the Manticore doesn't land, but generally the Dragon is dead within 2 minutes or so. We do use all high level Rex saddles, but those are easy to come by now. We also generally melt the Golems instead of kiting them (This is with crazy melee rexes now though, when we were running with 416 melee Rexes we didn't do this ). You can get it done with just slightly better Rexes than you have. I am sure Theris are a good option, but I have never used them, as Rexes smoke this fight very easily. On the island, I say take the theris.
  5. To be fair though, that is like saying the sun is going to come up tomorrow. I mean it's almost 100% certain.
  6. They definitely can't/won't give you your tekgrams or ascension for sure. I doubt they will give you any stuff back, but not sure about that. I think you could get your character back to 100 before they answer your ticket, but again, not sure. I wish you the best of luck!
  7. Definitely make a new character. Hit up research notes and you will be good to go pretty quick.
  8. Make a taming pen. Go on youtube and get a design for a taming pen and build it. Then tame a meat eating dino with meat from dodos and fish. Other than that, have fun, keep your stuff organized, and download Dododex and SA Companion for your phone. One other thing, be prepared to die, be frustrated with glitches, and Blue Screen.
  9. I don't think a taming "spree" would be necessary, but if you wanted to tame 3 dinos from the same category, you need all of the same type of kibble, whereas before you would need a few from each dino. In my mind this means I need more egg production than before. Where I had 1 female and 1 male for a lot of eggs, I will now need many many more. Like I said, I had a small kibble farm and it worked very well for me, but I feel like I will need more mass production now. Of course this is day 2, so the reality may be much different than what I "feel." Also, we tame argys and barys a lot, and in my experience Stegos and Pachyrhinos lay eggs at a similar rate. Is there a source for the rate at which dinosaurs drop eggs that I am missing, or is this just personal experience? You did bring up an excellent point about the need for increased greenhouse size as well, but I, like you, think it will be a minor adjustment. I didn't really think about it until last night though, so I was kind of screwed on Citronal. Luckily I had a bunch of Focal Chili already made. I guess my point is this: I had thousands of kibble that has now been rendered useless for imprinting (If I am wrong about that, please let me know, I would love to use it) and to get back to the levels of kibble I am comfortable with, I will need to ramp up production. This may be a short term issue, who knows, but I will say that I am not a fan as it stands right now.
  10. The kibble rework will increase the size of my kibble farm for sure. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I kept a fairly small farm to make sure I had all of the imprint kibble I needed, and a few spare eggs in case I wanted to tame something. Now I feel like I need hundreds of eggs and kibble for imprints and taming because 1 kibble is used for so many creatures. Look at the Superior kibble tree now for example. There are a lot of eggs in there that I don't have. I believe I had a grand total of 76 eggs available to make superior kibble last night. Well, that's not enough. Now I have to go out and tame, breed, or un-pod several dinos to increase my egg production back to the levels I need to maintain. I will make sure that my new Kibble farm has every single egg producing dino for every single tree in order to keep a large amount of kibble in stock. Conversely, I guess you could breed 30 argys and set them out for egg production, but I don't see the difference between having 15 mated pairs of egg layers versus 30 of a single dino. I don't think I have ever used 200 argy kibble in a day, but I can definitely see myself ripping through 200 superior kibble in a day. I feel like the kibble rework is a wash at best, and a large step backward at worst. I hope I am wrong, and I do want to say that I am glad the Developers are attempting to solve some of the issues with the game.
  11. We just spammed the swamp cave. It's RNG of course, but took us about 2 or 3 weeks. 107 armor ascendant.
  12. I only use the Baryonyx in caves. If there is a cave it doesn't fit inside of I haven't been to it (which is a possibility because I don't run a lot of caves)
  13. Anarki beat me to it. Taming Pens are an incredible early game strategy. They are great at the end of the game as well, but you can farm all of the materials and build a simple trap in 20 minutes that will tame almost every ground dinosaur in the game. The earlier you can get a big carnivore tamed the better. I am also a great fan of the taming raft. At the beginning levels you can keep your base in a safe beach area and venture down the rivers to a more dangerous zone and trap a Rex or whatever you are looking for. You can also use the traps to kill stuff and get experience, food, and hide. Build a trap near your base too, and if you get in trouble, just run to your trap. Lay down sleeping bags or make outpost bases with beds when you venture out on journeys. (Always name your beds and sleeping bags if you have a chance) Never be afraid to start over either. If you are on the island, I would move to a location like rock island, or the beaches in that area. Plenty of resources and access to smaller carnivores, while being close enough to go tame a Rex or Spino. As soon as you get established and get some building materials stored up I would move along the river in Redwoods. I just like the central location personally, but there are all kinds of great base locations. I had my kids watch some play through videos on YouTube. They are set up in episodes, and you can move past the first few episodes if you want and see how they get their bases established, etc... This is a very frustrating game at times, but you will have a good time together.
  14. You are going to have to raise a boss team in my opinion. Rexes are an easy raise, and with cryopods, you should be able to have a pretty solid team in a couple weeks. You need to buy some Boss Rex eggs from someone on your server, and hope for a breeding pair, or buy a breeding pair which would be more expensive, but time saving. Do your homework though, and don't buy some garbage. You don't need the best of the best stats to beat these fights either. You can buy crazy high stat eggs, but remember, people have been beating these boss fights for a long time before these new stat lines were developed, so maybe bargain shop and get an 18k HP 550+ Melee pair. Some people will even sell you their entire old boss teams after they move on to a new line. Paying for fights will get you the engrams, but what will you do then? You need to be able to consistently farm element in order to use most of them. The only other thing I would recommend is to get yourself a really good blueprint for a Rex saddle. This is definitely easier said than done, but we (my 2 man tribe) ran the swamp cave for about a month and finally got a 107 asc saddle bp. With my tribemates crafting character, we regularly max it out to 124. I'd say you will be fine with anything 85 or above. Once we got all of our engrams unlocked, we pretty much solely farmed the Alpha Ape fight for element on Island, and we can do that about 4 times in a row before we have to heal our Rexes up. Again, we started with garbage dinosaurs man, but we never lost a single Rex in an Alpha Ape or Alpha Brood fight, and that was with Journeyman saddles on. Boss fights aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be, so just get yourself some dinos & decent saddles, and get in there. You will (probably) be fine.
  15. You are going to waste kibble, that's just the way it goes. I have downed many dinos with stats that looked incredible, only for them to stand up with most of the post tame levels going into food and oxygen. You just have to tame every one you find and hope for a lottery roll in the stats. Then you start breeding them. Or, you can take all of the time you would spend taming and breeding an anky and farm ingots instead. Then buy yourself a super anky from someone.
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