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  1. If this is PVE then it isn't OK to block artifacts. Placing pillars and foundations to prevent building is usually fine. It's the PVE way to protect yourself from people encroaching on your base location. If it is an obnoxious amount of pillaring you can submit a ticket and let the GM's decide.
  2. I think you would just kill it with one of your leveled Gigas and a really good saddle. No biggie. If you don't have a dino to kill it, you can trap one and just shoot it, or drown it. All viable options.
  3. I beat Alpha Brood with much worse Rexes than that when I was starting out, never lost a Rex. Get a Yuty and a few friends to help you ride and you will be fine. I would just make sure you get saddles with 75 armor or greater, and make sure you have all of those Rexes leveled up.
  4. We had one that we traded for, and it was level one or two I think. We got all levels assigned to us other than what had already been leveled. i.e. if it was level 2 we got three levels by the time we leveled it to 5. then we had to level a fresh chibi all the way to get the last 2 levels we needed. Hope that made sense lmao.
  5. That's cool. I disagree. I played on a boosted server after I left my Beta server, and it was a terrible experience. It was only boosted 3x, and I had a massive base in one night. I didn't like that, I felt like it ruined the experience for me as a player, and immediately went back to a server with regular rates. I also have thousands of hours in this game, I have started and restarted so many times due to game issues it isn't even funny, but I can go farm 120,000 ingots in about an hour on official (on the weekend) and I think that is fast enough. This is, of course, my personal opinion
  6. I am definitely not in favor of increasing the rates. I really think they are good where they are with 2X gathering on weekends for meat runs. The main argument of "It helps beginners build up faster" is precisely why. Let them earn it.
  7. Yah, I have to question the saddles involved here. You shouldn't have needed a pig at all.
  8. Yes. I would bet you could beat Alpha with that.
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