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  1. I beat Alpha Brood with much worse Rexes than that when I was starting out, never lost a Rex. Get a Yuty and a few friends to help you ride and you will be fine. I would just make sure you get saddles with 75 armor or greater, and make sure you have all of those Rexes leveled up.
  2. We had one that we traded for, and it was level one or two I think. We got all levels assigned to us other than what had already been leveled. i.e. if it was level 2 we got three levels by the time we leveled it to 5. then we had to level a fresh chibi all the way to get the last 2 levels we needed. Hope that made sense lmao.
  3. That's cool. I disagree. I played on a boosted server after I left my Beta server, and it was a terrible experience. It was only boosted 3x, and I had a massive base in one night. I didn't like that, I felt like it ruined the experience for me as a player, and immediately went back to a server with regular rates. I also have thousands of hours in this game, I have started and restarted so many times due to game issues it isn't even funny, but I can go farm 120,000 ingots in about an hour on official (on the weekend) and I think that is fast enough. This is, of course, my personal opinion, and no one has to agree with it, but I still think you need to work up to a large base, get some tames going and play a little while before you are running a boss team out of a Tek base. Earn it, per se.
  4. I am definitely not in favor of increasing the rates. I really think they are good where they are with 2X gathering on weekends for meat runs. The main argument of "It helps beginners build up faster" is precisely why. Let them earn it.
  5. Yah, I have to question the saddles involved here. You shouldn't have needed a pig at all.
  6. Yes. I would bet you could beat Alpha with that.
  7. My tribe put in a ticket. GM showed up and refreshed all of our structures and creatures. The End
  8. I still build my bases like ORP doesn't exist. I guess it is a holdover from legacy days. When I started reading this thread, I was dead set against removing ORP, and I thought that it was a goofy argument to even have. The discussion has been really good though, and I almost changed my mind a few times. Unfortunately I remembered that there are jerks everywhere and some people don't need a reason to come to your server and wreck 15 days of work, or take out a cryo fridge with a year's worth of work inside. Again, I plan for all of this and "backup" my dinos across other servers (that is as much to defend against WC as it is other players), but with ORP I don't have to be concerned about the 12 year old or 40 year old no lifer threatening to wipe my base when I go offline. I have been pillared, and it is frustrating, but I realized that getting pillared was as much my fault as the idiot that did it. Mark off your territory, defend it, and don't be a douche. Problem Solved.
  9. I have a dedicated Rex team for the Alpha Dragon fight. I leveled only melee since the flame breath is percentage based. I might start taking a heal pig, not sure, but we have beaten it without the pig so if it ain't broke... The rag fight would be a joke for you with your current stats.
  10. I'd go buy yourself a boss rex egg and go from there. You can get really good Rexes really cheap. If you get a Rex with a base melee of 500 or more with 20K health you will be fine in the Alpha Rag fight with good saddles. There are probably people on your server that are throwing those kinds of Dinos away right now because those stats are garbage, but they can beat every boss on every map except Island Dragon. Good Luck.
  11. This is the Ragnarock dragon fight correct? We just run with 19 Rexes and a Yuty. I have been a part of some terrible luck runs where stuff dies because the Manticore doesn't land, but generally the Dragon is dead within 2 minutes or so. We do use all high level Rex saddles, but those are easy to come by now. We also generally melt the Golems instead of kiting them (This is with crazy melee rexes now though, when we were running with 416 melee Rexes we didn't do this ). You can get it done with just slightly better Rexes than you have. I am sure Theris are a good option, but I have never used them, as Rexes smoke this fight very easily. On the island, I say take the theris.
  12. To be fair though, that is like saying the sun is going to come up tomorrow. I mean it's almost 100% certain.
  13. They definitely can't/won't give you your tekgrams or ascension for sure. I doubt they will give you any stuff back, but not sure about that. I think you could get your character back to 100 before they answer your ticket, but again, not sure. I wish you the best of luck!
  14. Definitely make a new character. Hit up research notes and you will be good to go pretty quick.
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