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  1. I'd recommend to load the engrams in the singleplayer menu and then go to the server list and try joining the server. This way the game loads the PrimalGameData before trying to connect to the server.
  2. I can confirm that seeing and collecting Explorer Notes with Primitive Plus is indeed possible (on PC). I can't say tho if the bug does whether or not exist on consoles.
  3. I think the main problem that I see when it comes to the question "Do we add it to the main game or keep it as it is/make it a mod?" is because of the two sided meanings here with the majority being selfish as always. Don't get me wrong. I don't wanna call almost everyone here selfish. But putting your own experience of the game above everyone else is pretty selfish, even if it is over thousands of hours. For all the Primitive Plus veterans: Yes, you guys have a lot of experience of the Gameplay and yes your meanings should be heared. But unfortently you are not the majority of the community and more importantly: We are talking about the future of Primitive Plus here and not only your GE saves. Yes, we shouldn't wipe you again but we need to consider this if it gives us the opportunity to finally put Primitive Plus in a position within the game where the Devs can finally make something out of it. For the non Primitive Plus players: When you guys say you want it added to the main game you shouldn't forget that this will most likely kill the saves of thousands of hours of work from the Primitive Plus veterans. Yes, adding it to the main game is the best option if you look at it from a technical point of view. That's also my personal opinion but we shouldn't forget that there are people out there who put a lot of work into this DLC. With that being said I'd say it again: Add it to the main game. If you can safely convert Primitive Plus content into the main game than you can also convert the saves and with the current Engram enable/disable system we can keep the current Primitive Plus servers as primitive as they are. But on the other hand, if you can't convert the content aka need to wipe the servers than I say: Add it to the main game, but leave Primitive Plus in its current state untouched so the servers can keep running.
  4. I'll just go and ignore the capslock comment above and instead answer your very long comment: Your idea can work. They could make Primitive Plus part of the main game but at the same time also keep it as the total conversion that it is now. But if they do that there is the question is it still worth it to update the total conversion in terms of bug fixes and stuff?
  5. When it comes to the save data question you can leave the main game saves as they are because they will only get new content added. The duplicated items like the fire arrow you mentioned...things like these have to be worked out by the devs themselves. But this doesn't hold back the idea of implementing Primitive Plus content into the main game. When we talk about primitive scuba masks, gas masks or such...that's something I was thinking about for months and I would say Wildcards can implement these later to the game to give Primitive Plus players the ability to play the full ARK Story without the need of TEK. Of course, it needs to be harder because it is primitive, but we could, for example, add a primitive gas mask that has a lot less durability or that gives you a reduced effect by the normal gas because it's "primitive". But that's not important when we talk about implementing Primitive Plus into the main game. The biggest problem we have when we talk about implementing Primitive Plus to the main game is: What happens to the original Primitive Plus saves? What happens to the servers? Well, I have two ideas for this, for the servers and for the singleplayer. Servers: Convert the save and worlds of the Primitive Plus servers to main ones. They wouldn't replace another server this way but they will keep the save data. Singleplayer: Either letting the player chooses on what save they want to continue playing (either the main game or Primitive Plus ones) or introduce a multi-save system for the different maps so their Primitive Plus save data will convert to the main one like in the Server idea I just explained, but in this case it will be added as a second save to choose from when you load the game. I know this may be hard to pull off from a technical side but it is possible I think and we shouldn't forget here that we talk about the future of a big DLC. I really hope that @Cedric reads this here. Anyway, I am sure they will do the best for Primitive Plus in the end.
  6. I can only repeat what I said about the problem with TEK tier and such: The Devs can create a option in a checkbox that automatically removes TEK/metal or other modern content from the main game. That way Primitive Plus can be part of the main game but also the fans of Primitive Plus can keep their Primitive Gameplay as it is. Additionly with said option to remove modern content we can have official servers running as new "Primitive Plus" servers. People need to stop complain about Primitive Plus getting destroyed if it is added to the main game. There are solutions to make everyone happy in this case. Edit: Because I am a huge Primitive Plus fan I first also thought it would destroy Primitive Plus if it was added to the main game because of the TEK content. But then I got the idea of the checkbox option in the settings which can remove modern content so Primitive Plus players can still enjoy their content while playing the main game.
  7. If you don't like TEK then remove the engrams in your singleplayer settings/server settings. I tested it myself today and removed every modern content that way. Feels already pretty Primitive. If they would now add Primitive Plus into the game it would basically be Primitive Plus without TEK stuff. Add it to the main game. It's the best way to please everyone.
  8. Ok so for everyone who is talking about "Primitive Plus shouldnt be part of the main game because the Primitive Content will not be used: You can already disable certain engrams and stuff to your own liking and I am pretty sure you can implement a little checkbox that alters that automatically like the "Singleplayer Settings" option already does for some game values. I just tested it and disabled every modern content in the main game to make myself an own "Primitive Mode" and it works quite well. I am sure the devs can implement something like this through a single button so you guys can keep your Primitive Style while playing the main game.
  9. You could make it temporarily. Like give them a month or so for the server to switch over and after that, you roll out another update which deletes the older ones. Edit: I know it's all complicated but if it can be done?
  10. I wonder if it is possible to convert Primitive Plus items and structures into the main game. That way Primitive Plus saves could be converted and they could keep their saves.
  11. Well you also have to admit that it's not very fair for the vanilla game players to not be able to get Primitive Plus content added to the main game IF it is possible. But that's not even the important thing here. We are talking about Primitive Plus, a big DLC. No matter if you are a long year Primitive Plus player or not (I am one myself Btw): Adding it into the main game is the best decision because in the long run it is easier to maintain, to update and we will no longer get updates that break Primitive Plus because it is a separate DLC. Being part of the main game will fix literally everything. And I gotta say it again: Add a checkbox in the settings which disables modern content so Primitive Plus players can limit themselves as always. I am playing this for years and I'll be honest: If adding it to the main game fixes so much then I'll gladly give up my saves.
  12. Just read your comment. You have the same idea that I have. Integrating Primitive Plus into the main game with some sort of checkbox. Your right. That would make everyone happy.
  13. I think before you, Cedric, don't fully understand my idea of the so called "Primitive Mode" I will carefully explain what I expect what it should do: It should be a checkbox option somewhere on the normal settings of ARK. If it is checked it removes ever modern engrams and items/objects from dino loot as well as from Beacons and loot crates like the ones in the caves or the deep see loot crates. Something modern that should still exist in the Primitive Plus games are for example the TEK Dinos on Extinction. It makes sense to still exist in a Primitive Mode because of the ARK Story. Do you think this is technically being able to be done? With this, integrating it into the main game would be the best option you have.
  14. Ok, first of all I wanna apologize because this comment is gonna be a long one: Thanks for the support of Primitive Plus. I already said it somewhere else in this forum and I will say it again. Thanks for that. I played "the poop" out of this mode because of one simple reason: I like the primitive style which is why in my opinion it doesn't belong to be in the main game. But on the other hand, being part of the main game would also drastically increase the loading time, right? It would give you guys way more options to better work with it? To be honest here, I wouldn't make it a mod again. It was that before and as you said yourself already: Potential functionality loss. Nope. I don't want that. Nobody wants that. Let the community handle it? Maybe by this Survival Plus guy? God no! I have respect for what some people can do but there is a reason why so many people still play the "buggy mess" called Primitive Plus! Because we like the way Primitive Plus DOES make changes to the game. And that's why this is my opinion on what you guys should do: Make it a part of this main game. But under one condition: Add an option in the game settings which automatically removes modern engrams and items/objects from loot tables like drops and beacons so people can easily activate a "Primitive Mode". This is really important if you decide to make it part of the main game because even tho the Primitive Plus content can be integrated without any problems because it makes sense to be in the main game, it's main reason is going to be ignored if you don't add this option in the settings. Because Primitive Plus was supposed to limit the players at some point. Anyway, I hope I stated everything in an understandable way. I apologize if everything wasn't clearly understandable, I am German so English isn't my native language. What do you think about this? Can this idea of a "Primitive Mode" option be pulled of so people in the main game can easily get rid of the modern content and still enjoy Primitive Plus to it's fullest? No matter what you'll do in the end I am sure it will be good for both the DLC but also for the community. Edit: I read through a few comments by now and I'll see that a lot of people complain about what I have seen come of Primitive Plus gets to be part of the main game: People wanna be limited but with all the modern content they aren't. In this case, again, my idea of a "Primitive Mode" option in the settings would make everyone happy. Modern players have access to everything and Primitive Plus players can limit themselves with this option.
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