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  1. I was just happy to get a orange color reaper after all these white ones, a blue one came out... Looks amazing!
  2. JZhong

    Reaper Queen: Asking for Advice

    It works, just tried on 2 reaper queen. Draws aggro so quick, but its tricky to land attacks with the short range of melee weapon on drake.
  3. Yep, lost a lvl 150 and a lvl120 tamed bear, then lost a lvl 135 and 140 downed bear due to 3 rollbacks. But its better than losing toons during transfer .......... 3 rollbacks.. Wish I was smart as someone on my server that uploaded basilisk during the rollbacks ..
  4. JZhong

    Reaper Queen: Asking for Advice

    No offense but I wouldn't recommend traps ever. Yeah you can build a trap in elemental fall, hall of reaper queen and the spine but the time to lure 1 into trap is not worth it if you wanna search for better queen. The fastest will be multiple tribe members on drakes with all points into melee(~800%, and 7k+hp), having asc saddle equipped. Methods are all reliable in other players' posts. The safest however, is to ride reaper king so that you dont have to deal with purlovias. However, its still possible for unfortunate players that they hop out right after you get impregnated besides you lol... it will be sad. Also if you got tail swiped into water, your shoulder pet is least likely to die. I used to bring reaper with all points into melee but now I bring one with 40k hp because once I jumped into elemental waterfall and jellyfish stun locked me and I wasn't able to send help fast enough. For the first reaper, use spino, best overall dps and immune to purlovias ( gotta love them). Hmm, I feel my successful impregnation always involves hop off mount to draw aggro to the survivor instead of the mount. The pickaxe on drake is a brilliant idea but I insist on using reaper for the mission. Also, reaper queen will despawn if it has low health and you lost sight of it. It was an expensive lesson for me. As far as tips for raising, its super easy. Apply pheramon while chest burst and each time you check inventory, having 20 in stock isnt a bad idea, but you can do it within 10. ( I always feel unsafe and check meat regularly) Each time you feed him he can hold double the meat amount. Meat requirement each is a bit more than argentavis, so its not that bad. Also there is a trick for feeding babies, your own dino will collect everything you have in inventory if it kills you, so if you fill yourself up with cooked meat... The pen, I stack pens with 2x2x4 glass inside and 4x4x4 metal outside with 2 dino gates for exit. The cheapest is 2x2x2 stone, but before the rencent patch people experience baby glitching out, not sure if wc really fixed the problem. If it get stuck during juv stage (because it grows bigger and got into walls), grab it with karkinos
  5. JZhong

    Aberration Tools

    i would love to see anything for red gem lol not that i need red gems so bad but its a biatch to farm with the pathetic blue pickaxe that I prey to loot from nameless
  6. JZhong

    The Big foot is visiting Abberation?

    Frog is tasty af if prepared right. Deep fry them or slow cook in soy sause and some chili
  7. JZhong

    F i s h %#$!

    Life without a higher quality fishing rod in front of a pond of beautiful piranhas
  8. Rock drake is kinda useful on center map due to multiple high cliffs, not to mention you can hop on water and glide across ocean. I mainly use it for transporting meat of giga atm. In addition... they are amazing at vocano cave... its thyla ++
  9. JZhong

    Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    It really depends on what you use it for. For bosses you want high hp, and we need some for fast meat transport, poly transport etc. For you reference, my best pre-imprint stats are: best hp 7198, best weight 688, best melee 300, ofc on different drakes =D Usually the lvl190 egg is the trash... at least in my experience. But you absolutely cannot get a D-I-L-O-this-drake-is-born-with-10k-hp-without-imprint drake if you dont go for the highest level eggs.
  10. So I have this 2x2x4 glass area baby reaper pen for easy observation, and 4x4x4 metal enclosure for protection, both have dino gate for exit when it reaches 10%. It works for the first baby, the second baby was doing fine before 8% maturation. Then magically, it disappeared when i checked it. Took me half an hour searching for it, and I found it where it was the corner of the glass wall and it becomes invisible, not following whistles even its already 25% matured. This is on official server. 2nd and 3rd pictures are taken from the same camera placement.
  11. JZhong

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    Can't complain anymore since I just looted asc megalo saddle bp and mc climbing pick bp... but it takes a bit patience throwing away thousands of chitin bp and carbonemy bps.. maybe it's because you are advanced enough to only use rockdrake hazmat suit so only looking for those. I was happy enough o get a high dura apprent. quality hazmat piece
  12. JZhong

    Dungeon Drops

    Spawns super slow. Also did you check lower level location next to waterfall and the one at the entrance?
  13. JZhong

    How to get Karkinos unstuck from floating animation

    in numerous place, dino get stuck, charge station, black rocks, between cliffs, if you get luck you can punch them out, c4 blast them off, or paracer ramps... but most of time they are done for
  14. JZhong

    Path blocking

    GM will put up a sign and asked nicely for them to remove. I don't see cases that GM admin demolish a whole building. Sometimes the path is not blocked "completely", they can technically build a giant structure and leave a very small opening for people to move =D Also, it takes weeks for GM to come over, so after they demolish this dino gate, then they will build it up again. And watch them being proud in chat. People who are experienced with the game find their way against rules and GM, i'm pizzed.
  15. JZhong

    Glowtail Kibble

    I would agree, also it doesnt make sense to hunt for best stats dino unless its 2x cuz tamed on mutton doesnt give you the most after tame levels.