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  1. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    Please add it back later when you allow transfer items etc.. it is hard enough to get stuff around with no flyer
  2. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    It could actually teleport itself... But yeah, its removed, and it is just another cutie without too much function in other maps.
  3. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    True that, i'm not even close to ascension so haven't think about that part. I'm just happy that i can access limited usage of transmitter even tho none of my tek engrams are unlocked.
  4. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    Yeah minus that part, but its still an amazing designed creature with so much to offer. A low level player can access transfer system easily now. Also, Someone taught me keep separate characters on different server, so i don't use that function anymore to limit risk of losing character.
  5. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    Cannot transfer character, but no reason to transfer character right?
  6. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    yes it has everything obelisk offers !!!!!!!! IT IS INSANE. wonder if its rare
  7. Shinehorn is a BEAST

    OMG, Abberation Offers Free Tek Transmitter... 5 min in and I love this map already! Taming is easy, feed it one of the mushrooms. Thumb up
  8. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Omfg you are doing it Ark devs!! The forum is arguable the best place to comsoongmunicate with devs. It was suggested soooo long ago that ark promotes an unhealthy life for player with 4hour imprint system. For all these years, finally it changed!! Now we all get better sleep and better dinos And yes i use dimorph for manticore boss lul
  9. #Best Breeding plan discussion#

    @invincibleqc the rex eggs on the market will have dirty stats, the cleanest ive seen so far is ~20/20, 180/20 if not a million on one end lol I am not a fan of breeding rexes, i prefer theriz for their cuteness, but I still want to pick up some decent eggs if I wish to breed them later on.
  10. I have different opinions in my head for the fastest process to the ultimate highest level/stat dinos. 1. Don't care about mutation scores since I can rinse the 20/20; 20/20 dinos with a 0/20; 0/20 dino. For example, 0/1 (1 mutation on dad's side) -> 1/2 by mating male and female 0/1 dinos and get 1 more mutation, could be 2/1 as well but I picked this -> 3/4 (3/3 if no new mutation introduced) -> 7/8 ->15/16 ( can still mutate because there is a 0 on mom's side) ->31/32 Rinse with 0/0 dino ->0/63 ->63/64 Rinse ->0/127 etc. 2. Get the mutation score with mutated stats carefully Only breed mutated dinos with unmutated 0/0 dinos. Efficiency: correct me if I'm wrong: For either method, its 7.4% to get mutation from dad or mom. From that point, if mating 2 mutated dinos, chance that it inherit the 2nd mutated melee is higher since they are same stats. (see 1st in pic) Second method has more chance of getting the same unwanted 52pts or even 50pts. However, the first method will reach the point with more than 20 mutations on both sides after 5 mutations and need to rinse them once get pass mutation scores to one side. Then next rinse when they got 20 scores on both sides again. Second method will not see that early on, but will face the same problem after 40 mutations with correct 20/20, 20/20 scores if things are going perfectly. How do you guys do mutations, on rex or any other dinos? And yes I'm a hardcore gamer...
  11. Transfer System

    Such a relief. I would embrace ark for having this mechanics
  12. Eggers room design

    @Jacira That is a HUGE base and nicely designed as well. Thank you for adding content to this thread.
  13. Eggers room design

    @2MuchForyou It is easy:) just put sloped ceiling against each other with the help of sloped wall. So horizontally, its ceiling, sloped ceiling, sloped ceiling, then ceiling. then extend the whole thing configuration. The ceiling is attached to the wall that is 1 wall higher than the "ground". You can pick up 2 rows of eggs by walking in the middle
  14. Transfer System

    This is new to me as well. People on my server said they transfer item and character as well. And I thought it is convenient enough to put everything in my inventory and wait for timer, then transfer to another server (I have 800weight so I can bring a lot) If your claim is true, then I shall not risk losing character anymore.
  15. Manticore, Glitchy Movement, & Abnormal Speed

    I really like the fact that you used argy for manticore! Have you tried to add an iced wyvern if that is the case?