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  1. Rock drake is kinda useful on center map due to multiple high cliffs, not to mention you can hop on water and glide across ocean. I mainly use it for transporting meat of giga atm. In addition... they are amazing at vocano cave... its thyla ++
  2. JZhong

    Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    It really depends on what you use it for. For bosses you want high hp, and we need some for fast meat transport, poly transport etc. For you reference, my best pre-imprint stats are: best hp 7198, best weight 688, best melee 300, ofc on different drakes =D Usually the lvl190 egg is the trash... at least in my experience. But you absolutely cannot get a D-I-L-O-this-drake-is-born-with-10k-hp-without-imprint drake if you dont go for the highest level eggs.
  3. JZhong

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    Can't complain anymore since I just looted asc megalo saddle bp and mc climbing pick bp... but it takes a bit patience throwing away thousands of chitin bp and carbonemy bps.. maybe it's because you are advanced enough to only use rockdrake hazmat suit so only looking for those. I was happy enough o get a high dura apprent. quality hazmat piece
  4. JZhong


    This is actually exciting since im breeding argent mainly and have no real use of them other than packing metal and kill some giga occationally for fun.
  5. What happens in PVE though, no torrent on pve but it still lags a bit.