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  1. Additional Dinos/Skins being added to Ark? So the majority of players have prolly forgotten that the Brachiosaurus, Stygimoloch and Styracosaurus Costume were once in the game so I thought to myself "why have they not been added back in the game as default skins or maybe actual dinos". I'm not going to lie i thought the Brachie and the Styracosaurus Skins were pretty cool looking. I'm aware that some skins can be obtain through Crates on Genesis but why not make them available for everyone via Default skins in Settings PS can we please have the option to get RID of the Helena BOT skin out of our inventory!
  2. Problem with Mindwipes I have a character(A) on the official servers that I've used for many years which I started to use once again since i lost my recent made character(B) (hrs before this post) and i cant consume a mindwipe on character(A). Character(A) was stored in the cloud due to the problem where mindwipes had a CD of 1200+ day and with the changes of mindwipes starting from unlimited, 48hrs, one per day, once per level and now recently 24hrs my character(A) can not consume a mindwipe at all even after being leveled. I will try to level up my character(A) again to see if it will reset its infinite 1 day CD but if anyone knows a solution to my problem i will greatly appreciate your knowledge because i absolutely do not want to make another character and redo Alpha Ascension Rockwell and Master controller on official since they are a pain in the ass to organize as a tribe with different time zones. honestly this game has now been out for 5 years now and still has issues with bugs and characters being lost between transfers WHY!
  3. Are Rat-Holes considered Meshed bases ? Im curious whether a Rat-hole are seen as meshed bases because honestly i think there is a clear difference between the two. A meshed base is an area youre not meant to be in and Rat-holes are just tiny caves that were made unintentional but arent in the mesh Can someone please clarify
  4. if the flak cannon is going to be very similar to the rocket turret than in all honesty just get rid it because the Rocket turret is useless in actual PvP. the Rocket turret is rarely ever used and if so its just used for its giggles and memes. sadly another good looking dino to the useless group
  5. Dino stuck in the mesh Server: 489 Location: 43 Lat 39 long https://gyazo.com/70e8b385cf87b68554e18af932aaa56a Our Doedic got meshed while farming crystal with a quetz
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