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  1. I downloaded the forest and ice titan to do the king titan fight, and when you pull them out of the terminal, they come out with 0/0 food. Like max food is 0. So they instantly start to die and lost them both before i could even get up here with the supplies to do fight. I understand not being able to feed it, but can u atless fix it so they come out with the food they had or should have based off time they was uploaded. I do got a picture but i cant upload it due to size of picture
  2. To add on to this suggestion, you can make it where the mother will wonder close to the egg that has been laid by her and make the mother more territorial around it. Let the baby hatch or give birth, and follow around the mother. You could make it so as long as the baby is around the mother it grows. As the baby grows through baby and juvi, have the mother attack any player that gets close to her or the baby. If mother dies or gets out of range due to kiting it away or somthing, the baby would start to starve. Then you could add a whole new way of getting dinos by handfeeding babies and juvi d
  3. I think it would be a fun idea to make it possible to find a random mutation on a wild dino out in the world. Just 1 mutation not a crazy amount. I think it would help people that been playing for ever and players that are just starting. Reasoning for it is a long time player doesnt really tame anymore cause there is anything they want out there, but a random color that they fly by would make them want to tame it. Deftly if its on something that isnt breedable. For new players or people that play on private servers, it would help them out tryin to get going. Or make them want to learn to take
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