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  1. So this is an idea I've been rolling around in my head and on paper for a while that I think would be a good idea, not one for official servers but possibly for any large clusters, one that I'm surprised no one has pitched from what I've seen and read so far. After all there is already a giant marketplace on official, people are paying for items, resources and tames(which i acknowledge is against code of conduct as far as i know) or trading off raw resources for them. This would just make it easier to conduct those transactions. Not only would this idea make it easier to transfer items fr
  2. I fully expect the majority of high population servers to get ddos during this event. If they don't cause their servers to lag and crash themselves.
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    Earth, the final map that the story is working towards! Alright so anyone who's played ark and has followed the lore and story might have pieced this together already, if you have skip down below, if you haven't allow me to explain starting with the in game history and lore. Around the 22nd century on earth, there was 2 super powers that controlled earth, and were at war which each other, both were on opposite sides of the earth. The united Republic of earth(URE) and The terran federation (Feds). Now we don't know why yet these two supers power came to exist and why they were at war
  4. It'd be cool if the castle, keeps and forts would integrate with the Prim+ stuff on console.
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