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  1. That makes sense, thank you. Just weird that it was finally started accepting them after that, even after I had leveled them and restarted the game several times.
  2. I feel incredibly puzzled, because I usually can figure out what error I've created with this program, and yet... I have a singleplayer save on my PC with settings that I adjusted for in the program, that have not changed in a while (over two weeks), and as far as I can tell, the program's settings are set up to match (using Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini). I tamed a Pegomastax a few days ago (4, maybe) and initially, I kept getting a red on the Health. I checked for updates and got the latest one (v0.23.20 with values for 268.22.1, I think?), which fixed that Pego. I tamed another Pego the following day, but this time, Health, Food, and Weight were red. Looking around the GitHub, I saw the note about the update to Pego, so I checked for another update but realized it was the update I had previously received. I was curious, so I rolled back to values 268.22 and this time, this Pego works, but now my other Pego has an incorrect Health stat in my library. I'm not having this issue with any other dinos in my (small) library, just the Pego. It's a small issue but I'd like to get it nipped in the bud before I tame any more Pegos. Let me know if I need to provide some attachments. EDIT: Accidentally tamed a third Pego, this one needed the 268.22.1 values, and somehow the update this time made all 3 have the correct values now. Still stumped.