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  1. No bee hives spawning on aberation looked for 2 hours no hives and when I got 1 from one of the other tribes on server I placed it couldn't access it could only demo it
  2. Lol maybe we’ll be able to hit those meshed ele ore nodes in the drake scar on abb
  3. Havent been able Since october 9th as well i wish i could help ya i read something like a patch is suppose to happen today so heres hoping fingers crossed also im a pve player so yea same problem
  4. Ive read that the next patch is on the 25th heres hoping they fix it then doubt it though
  5. Like it wont join at all for me even when i completely quit the game we've tried it all
  6. So who do wild card contract there servers with? Maybe thats who we need to talk, course if we get with them im sure theyll say its not them its wild card and the circle continues..
  7. Honestly prolly wont be fixed till next patch if that ive lost all hope of playing this game now and even if they do fix it im sure itll happen again 0 Faith in wc ive been real pateint with them but the lack of support and them not caring is gonna make me thank twice on ever buying another wc title again... This is all we needed to hear "We are aware of the issue and are working on it,no eta at this time." Thats all we need...they could lie still better than saying nothing
  8. Yea it is, especially when u were looking forward to playing on vacation and its been a week and still not able to get on 0% accomplished smh i feel the balls been dropped somewhere would say maybe me but ive done all i could thank of or find gotta be them cuz im not the only one with a issue im sure their hands are full though
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