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  1. The only solution so far is using a VPN if you don' want to lose your progress. To be honest I don' know how long I will keep up with this it's getting annoying paying for the VPN service just to get on this game I might quit soon.
  2. 9 days so far NA OFFICIAL XBOX servers won't log people in (lots of people) we "the people locked out" need help on this issue from support weather it's servers support, developers patch fixes and workarounds cuz nothing works on the consumer end of the spectrum to fix it.
  3. these fixes didn't work for me but if you haven't already tried them please do cuz they worked for others. 1- Hard reset your xbox 2- go to settings - all settings - Disc & Blu-ray - Blue-ray - Persistent storage Clear it twice restart and try the game 3- Settings - all settings - System- Storage - Clear local saved games. xbox will restart then try the game. 4- Settings - all settings - system - console info - Reset console - reset and keep my games & apps. (Make sure to select the option in the middle if you don't want to lose all your games) xbox will restart and try getting on the game. 5- Uninstall and reinstall (when ready restart) then try to get on the game. non of these worked for me though, but it might work for you cuz some of them worked for other try them out and let us know please.
  4. The people that got it work when they start the game they wait until the option "start" is there then wait for 2 minutes for the game to load. Then they search for sever and login. Or instead of clicking on start they will go friends list and click and someone and join through their profile picture. Worked for some people didn't work for me though try it and let us know.
  5. This problem is annoying I letraly spent more time trying to connect than playing the damn game I got an engineer involved from my ISP and an engineer from Microsoft support they also tried to fix it this noon. Conclusion the servers company is at fault here and they don't want to admit it or apply a fix.
  6. Spanks

    Failed to login lost connection

    So Much for buying a game for 99$ that just drives me crazy I spent more time trying to fix the login issue than playing it.
  7. Spanks

    Failed to login lost connection

    Mine stoped working just got in for few hours about 3 hours of game play then went to bed next day problem back again and ongoing.
  8. Worked for few hours went to bed next day same problem it's been 3 days now
  9. Spanks

    Failed to login lost connection

    This is getting ridiculous
  10. exactly no recognition whatsoever, and support doesn't have control over this issue