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  1. I’m so disappointed in wildcard... seems like with each update they add useless things and make things worse Velonasaur- Is now completely broken (tribemate recorded it) and will not hit anything and if you do get any hit at all damage is beyond minimal the only that can be killed with a velo is a possibly a dilo but hey thanks that’s was what we needed make it to where a Dino that is very useful now completely useless.. an entire line of and work to get a decent line of velos all gone to waste and down the drain desert titan- with the flocks being able to dismount people thus making this fight a tek suit only fight I don’t know why this was needed but I guess they’re trying to aim for making you rely on mostly ten to do anything structures + integration Not horrible but this would be incredible useful if were able to pick up the more important structures seeing how they’re very expensive to replace but hey wildcard doesn’t like to give us what we really need Just like the previous update there was a lot of useless fixes, useless additions and waaay more of making things worse or making it unnecessarily difficult, if this keeps up this game isn’t gonna be fun at all and more and more people are going quit or refuse to put anymore money into these games... I myself feel I’ve been screwed out of my money and after this bull#%* will not buying anything that has wildcards name in it... so disappointed
  2. So is anyone on that server at the moment, it’s still not showing up for me in the server list or favorites, this is absolutely ridiculous in the middle of raising and wildcard better fix this or they’re going to lose a lot of customers ???
  3. Not sure if I’m the only one having this problem but it happened the first time a couple days ago. My game would freeze mid load while trying to load up aberration single player then kick me to home screen, I would then restart the game but then video quality becomes corrupt and pretty much unrecognizable, I found that hard resetting worked and I was able to play, now trying to play today hard resetting does nothing and my Xbox will even shut itself off. All the other maps plus the rented and official servers seem to work.... this seems to be my luck almost want to quit this game...? can someone tell me if I’m not the only one with this issue
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