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  1. Sadly they didn't implement the new kibble into the breeding table yet, but more than likely it might roulette for random kibble..... OR OR HOPEFULLY Just like Wyverns Rock Drakes When Breeding / Caring They require their preferred kibble. it would be so awesome to imprint the dinosaur with the kibble it actually prefers.. Example: Breeding Rex's . You either cuddle,Walk or guess what ? Exceptional Kibble because hey that's what Rex's like .............. (((( and it MAKES SENSE.. )))) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause If I'm breeding dodo birds and they start demanding Extraordinary Kibble or other expensive kibbles I'm butchering them on the spot. with the current Imprinting method, it makes no sense why something like a Equus would have a taste for Trike Egg Kibble, since it loves Carrots... And is a Herbivore.. ( I mean they can be kibble Via Troodon Kibble ) So why they would desire anything else. ((( specially since newborns obviously have a distinct and wide pallet of exquisite tastes ))) - Sarcasm because babies don't know better, so how does my Baby Dino's Know everything it wants or needs ?
  2. Mikethegod9

    Server Idea: For Small Tribes!

    You know it's funny looking back, and Wildcard listened and made a "small tribes" server.. looks your ideology is wrong and you should rethink your thoughts,
  3. No you're mistaken: Basic Kibble Compy Egg Dilo Egg Dodo Egg Featherlight Egg Glowtail Egg Kairuku Egg Lystro Egg Parasaur Egg Tek Parasaur Egg Vulture Egg Simple Kibble Archaeopteryx Egg Camelsaurus Egg Dimorph Egg Gallimimus Egg Hesperornis Egg Ichthyornis Egg Moth Egg Microraptor Egg Oviraptor Egg Pachy Egg Pegomastax Egg Pteranodon Egg Raptor Egg Tek Raptor Egg Trike Egg Regular Kibble Ankylo Egg Baryonyx Egg Carno Egg Dimetrodon Egg Diplodocus Egg Kaprosuchus Egg Kentro Egg Pachyrhino Egg Pelagornis Egg Pulmonoscorpius Egg Sarco Egg Stego Egg Tek Stego Egg Terror Bird Egg Thorny Dragon Egg Troodon Egg Turtle Egg Velonasaur Egg Superior Kibble Allosaurus Egg Argentavis Egg Mantis Egg Megalania Egg Megalosaurus Egg Moschops Egg Snow Owl Egg Spino Egg Tapejara Egg Exceptional Kibble Bronto Egg Giganotosaurus Egg Quetzal Egg Rex Egg Rock Drake Egg Tek Quetzal Egg Tek Rex Egg Therizino Egg Wyvern Egg Yutyrannus Egg Extraordinary Kibble Golden Hesperornis Egg Titanboa Egg So any Egg in it's respective size and rarity (category) will make ___ Kibble Rex - Giga - Qutzal etc: All make Exceptional Kibble And Exceptional Kibble Tames ( the list on my Spreadsheet ) So it's Many eggs 1 kibble type, which makes Egg hunting Wild Eggs more resourceful than taming 200+ dino's just for egg factories. Since dino's have roughly a 35 Minute lay timer on Official (17 if Mateboosted) you can just fly around every half hour looking for eggs. Trust me it's one hell of a trade off since most of the kibble's eggs were annoyingly difficult to come across, people (specially smalltribes / Solo Tribes ) don't have an abundance of Megalosaurus (sleepy) or Allo eggs / Qutzal eggs. Which are uses for some pretty powerful tames. so being able to use a more common egg like (rex or Wyvern ) etc for multiple tames is better than hunting / hoping for 1 specific egg every 17 minutes (35 non mateboost) and remember most dino's on 1x need 10-40+ kibble Quetzal = 65 Rex eggs (150 Quetzal) Giga = 37 Quetzal ) now you can use bronto rex etc.. to get the same tame
  4. Just like the Old Kibble, Species have "preferred Kibble" Eg. Pteranodon -> Dodo egg Kibble : This would be the best choice to use to tame this dino. If you used "non-preferred Kibble" the dinosaur will not tame as effectively, infact using the wrong kibble can be very taxing, like 50% or less taming effectiveness because you thought "this was a medium dinosaur " but actually eats Larger Kibble (Superior) So the Cheat sheet is the preferred kibble - just to let you know what dinosaur needs what (not a calculator telling you how much) but letting you know this kibble goes to these species . The Kibble System is like the old system where each species of tame has a select preferred kibble - ** So No Feeding Dodo Birds Giga Egg Kibble (Exceptional Kibble) to instant tame them ? infact you're better off feeding that Birb Mejo's or veggie-ta-bles
  5. Also Equus (Troodon) Kibble - Quality Regular Kibble - Baryonyx (PachyRhino) Kibble - Quality Regular Kibble --- These 2 Dino's are not Taming properly with the new kibble - They lose all taming affinity and effectiveness for eating the (Regular Kibble) . But The Original Kibble which is colored to Regular still works just fine. ALL other Dinos Tested. and if anyone wants a Cheat Sheet. I have tested all the dino's for the new kibble Scheme - Jan 17th 2019 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16VqeCFlVrOUDu4DJqPqgPgI6oLwh8HUZgnKh_bHl3r4/edit?usp=sharing -------------------- Also Breeding on the Beta asks for the old kibble which was mentioned to become "Uncraftable" so please for the love of sanity don't forget to update the breeding imprinting kibble tables to the new kibble..... because I will be pissed ( and 95% of the community who actually plays the game ) if it asks for legacy kibble. -.-
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    Server Idea: For Small Tribes!

    Greetings Survivors! My Idea for a new Game-mode revolves around the smaller portion of Ark Players, The Lone Wolf : 1 Man Army Partners in Crime : 2 Player Tribes Specialist Team : 4 Player Tribes This Idea is based on PvP portion of Ark Survival Evolved, much like the recent ideas of having "No Tames" "Primitive+ " No Tek " "Cross Ark " "Hardcore" "100man server" (which are now just select servers) "offline Raid Protection" and combinations of these. These game-modes are ways to make the game slightly different and/or more difficult. However... These different game modes don't cover everyone's current needs or wants. This is where my Server Idea comes into play! Having Dedicated Official Servers for smaller tribes will make players happier and enjoy Ark Survival Evolved. Lets Face it, Playing on a Official PVP Server with a Active Alpha or Mega-Tribe is Frustrating, Struggling, Tiresome and for some, impossible. From personal experience, I have dominated a server with an iron fist! Then when Ark implemented Cross-Ark-Sadness. A TRUE STORY : on the Legacy server OfficialServer42 after the major update which required restart and download of the CrossArk patch. I was the FIRST player to enter my server, and the ONLY one originally from Server42, shortly after 68 players logged onto the server; Spoke in Chinese, and I watched my own tribe, (alpha-tribe) and everyone else's bases, dinos, items, be completely leveled, this group of 60 players spawned their dinos at Red obelisk, high-level tames and swept the entire map in a clockwise manner; I was powerless watching from the side on a Pteradon, as they destroyed players hours of progression in seconds.. killing 14 hour tames, leveling metal fortresses, dropping peoples gear, killing people in their sleep. (Note: No one could log on because they capped the server player limit) If you're a Legacy Player, you know well enough how hard it's to have the endurance to continue playing day after day of groups of 40 players server hopping and dominating an entire cluster, rather than just a single server! If you're a New player, who purchased Ark on Release this year, you may have already experienced that "Dominance persona " where the tribe with the bigger "club" makes you feel unwelcome. Recently playing on 12 different PvP servers Current Official; I've been thrown to the side; and wiped on all 12 servers; One Server my thatch hut was C4'd 3 minutes after building on the beach, that servers Megatribe continued to hunt down every new player who joined the server, while still having 8 players flying around with a Quetzal and Ankylo Farming Duo. ( 4 quetz , 8 ankylo' ) while the rest of the tribe and their secondary tribe ( alliance ) made sure you couldn't progress an inch. It's not the fact players are new, it's honestly dictated by size, on how well, and how much fun a player will have on PvP. I've played Ark for well over 2,000 hours, within those 2,000 hours I never had "fair combat", usually what happens is a skirmish breaks out, against 1 or 2 tribemates; and shortly after, my friend and I are facing two maxed tribes ( alliances ). because 2 players couldn't raid us, 20 came and dominated. despite knowing we were gonna lose, it was fun, because we were established and had a functional fort with active turrets. but now players are rebuilding, re-leveling; and the larger tribes are making players (who are only groups of 2, 3, 4 and the occasional solo player ) regret purchasing ark, because they're forced to play PvE or singleplayer / non-dedicated, or purchase/rent server .... It may be fun for the larger tribe, but the smaller tribe almost always suffers, because not only is the smaller tribe defenseless, they most likely wanted to avoid conflict, rather than engage it . SOLUTION: Make Select Servers which reduce Tribe limit from UNLIMITED to 2 members, No Alliance Current Settings are : Unlimited Players 5 alliances per tribe with 12 tribes per Alliance OfficialDuoServer#Rag OfficialDuoServer#Island OfficialDuoServer#SE OfficialDuoServer#Center Make Select Servers Which Reduce the Tribe Limit to 4 players with limited Alliances Reduce Alliances to 2 per tribe and 4 tribes per alliance ( total: 16 players ) Ark4Man Ragnarok Ark4Man Scorched Ark4Man Center Ark4Man PrimeIsand I understand extra servers is something WildCard can't express enough to say why having an abundance is a problem for them; as they do cost money for maintenance and IP addresses etc. But something should / needs to be done for the players with the small connection. As of Right now Tribes can have unlimited numbers of tribemates, and i've seen active tribes with 60 players running around, which is 90% of the server.. while the players who seek to enjoy the competition and player vs player combat who don't have the playerbase to keep 5 active members playing.. it's not fun for their side, yes it's PvP but, the game should be playable and enjoyable for everyone. Please leave comments, Suggestions, anything feedback about this idea; because something needs to be done for the little tribes. Summary: Introduction , Story , Personal Feedback, Solution: Make Servers for the Smaller tribes or limit Tribe members , Example , Closing, Feedback