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  1. While doing a metal run on our official pvp server our quetz dropped our only anky while mineing metal off the wall and the anky got stuck in a rock and will not move only the tail is sticking out and only the harvest settings option can be chosen
  2. Dino branding

    you could paint it
  3. Raising a wyvern tips + tricks

    I should have tried to raise a wyvern before the nerf now I'm stuck learning the hard way
  4. I noticed I few times in the past 2 weeks my purlovias will be standing above ground where I had them buried on passive and ignore whistles, is that bug?
  5. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    I guess on official it is hard unless you actually socialize with other people in the game to help you I mean it is multiplayer... if you really have that itch to play with it just go into singleplayer and use admin commands its easy I always use singleplayer to test stuff out that's harder to obtain in a competitive multiplayer setting, and from what I understand it is scaled way down in singleplayer if you did want to do it legit by your lonely self for some antisocial reason
  6. nope you have to defeat each one on each difficulty I think there is some overlap with maybe the armor but it makes you strategize on which you need first in official pvp
  7. Isint Rag only Manticore and Dragon..... you still have to kill Broodmother and Megapith on other maps https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Tier
  8. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    80 Days 13hours 55Min
  9. Good luck defeating the bosses with all those points in weight lol. Maybe if you put in a support ticket they will give you another chance somebody said they got high level characters by saying they lost them
  10. Was really looking to raise a dragon at 2x ......oh well
  11. Found big pearl deposit on Ragnarok

    91 18 on GPS there is a rock full of pearls waiting for a angler
  12. Tips on Taming Hyenadon!

    I found that on pvp you can make a 1x1 with doorways and a hatchframe on top enclosed with walls drop the hyaenodon on the top and pet through the bottom of hatchframe
  13. Hyaenodon Awesomeness

    whats the best way to tame a hyaenadon?
  14. pvp Making Alliances with tribes in ragnarok

    i have a few griffins
  15. pvp Official Server Wiping (XBOX) Now Recruiting

    but can you do boss runs?