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  1. The answer is simply No. But this is not entirely wrong. The born dino always has more chance to get the higher stat from parents but you cannot affect it in any way so maybe the superstition comes from this.
  2. i guess this is just a way to use tek rex saddle without the worry about losing it when you die with your rex, its just another bred dino and you can easily make more?
  3. We use more strange approach and built 180 tracks elevator from blue zone to the pink lake. This is something like 50k metal or so + generators. It takes some time for the elevator to ascend but you can bring your tames back quite easy.
  4. Bred with 100% imprint (44 levels in health) yields me 7903 health when adult.
  5. I remember having this same problem when we went dedicated on nitrado. Try to disable cross ark features first and restart server.
  6. First ptera on offical, lvl 150 with normal meat on double taming weekend. Took forever but was worth it. In the end, it was not that good what came to stats but it had significant value as a game opener when you could fly metal to the base and tame argentavis more easily. Now all that feels ridiculous..
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