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  1. How many eggs to hatch at once?

    with rexes I do usually 4-5 at the same time, sometimes 2-3 but almost never just 1. I'd say 8 is too much if there is not more than 1 person to look after it. Like someone said already imprint only the ones that are your cutting edge and that you are going to use in Boss fights etc.
  2. Island Hard Snow Cave

    We have done all the other caves on The Island and Ragnarok multiple times and consider ourself decent cave runners (not speed runners). Did this with just 2 of us couple days ago without any tames. Took almost 3 hours to get to the artifact and 2-3 minutes to go back (speedrunning). Died only once by a stupid mistake. I hate purlovias now. Equipment for each person was was: 4 sets of full flak, each approx 400 in armor 2 sets of ascendant fur, only pants and chest Longneck 300% dmg, 400 bullets (run out in the artifact room) Primitive Rocket launcher, 20 rockets (bring atleast 60) 200 medibrews (not needed that much) Lazarus, Enduro and Fria curry, 20 each. 60 food 60 grappling hooks 20 parachutes (craft on the go) Pike 300% (not needed) Not worth it with just 2 people, was fun tho We killed literally everything (except fishes) until the artifact and came back with only grappling hooks without killing anything or maybe one thing if needed. I would say its impossible without grappling hooks, they are the key and you can't have too many. Learn good how they work before you go. I suggest speedrunning it, not naked, with soups and medibrews, kite enemies to water just before the artifact room like others have said. If you are in tek you could spawn rex inside the cave without breeding it by building a Tek Transmitter inside, saw this on one pvp-stream on twitch couple days ago. We did this also 1 year ago with 3 people and 3 breeded rexes (1st gen, very bad/average rexes), not leveled up of cource. Rexes almost died many times (primitive saddle). If your rex drops in the water just before the artifact room you can't get it out without building a ramp or so. Didn't have any problem riding the rex inside the cave, the other post descibed a blocker, maybe it didn't exist at that moment (1 year ago). For loot go to ragnarok jungle dungeon instead, you can speedrun that in just couple minutes (+ golem) when you first do it like 10 times normal way to learn it.
  3. Cave Needs

    I read all about the caves from here before doing them: Now i have done all, swamp is the only one I that you need to go inside with saber/wolf/frog etc. Like someone said, start with the "Central cave" cave next to volcano.
  4. Big base locations

    We build on north, just before where the black lava biome starts: The area is so big that wild dinos spawn inside there and Epic view distance does not render all buildings. One of the pictures have 2 wild brontos inside the base walls and they look small. Area is way too big for us. Location has also easy water access and good crystal/obsidian/orgpoly/stone/wood -farming. Metal you have to do somewhere else.
  5. I have private cluster of 2 servers, one running Ragnarok and the other running The Island The setup is rather weird tbh: The Island server is a restored save game that i started on private server 1 year ago and it has my character/tribe/things from that time. Then i stopped playing Ark completely and copied the backup of the save game for later use and closed the server. Then couple months ago I came back to Ark and took a completely new private server with Ragnarok and started new character. I realized that i want to visit the caves on The Island and I still have the save game from the last time with some nice things. So i took another new private server and restored The Island there and everything was like i left it with my tribe, tribe members and buildings dinos etc. Now i want to transfer between the two Arks but i have a character on both, so my questions are: What happens to my character on The Island server if i transfer there from Ragnarok What happens to my tribe ownership and dinos on The Island if i transfer from Ragnarok What happens to my tribe ownership on Ragnarok if I transfer away from Ragnarok to The Island and then back to Ragnarok at some point I'm scared of losing stuff so i have been playing with both characters separately and transferring only items between the Arks, but now i want to transfer the whole character. I know that with admin commands i can most likely take over tribe and things but I'm interested in how this all works out.
  6. Seems relatively good, the key is to keep looking for wild ones that have atleast one better stat than yours, exactly what you are doing. Or breed so much that you get 40 mutations, good luck with that. Im pretty sure you'll find better argies than that if you just keep looking. Install super spyglass to see the wild levels easily. I got some argys with 50-55 in one stat. I have found out that the stats for dinos etc don't need to be super high, its more important to have a dino that combines "good enough" stats. If you have dino that is, lets say lvl 220, ask yourself how many times you died or were unable to complete a task because it was bad? Never. Also you might not need to breed food stat into most of the dinos, sure it looks more badass when it has high level when born.
  7. Early game fiber collectors

    You are not suppose to craft ascendant bp's when you are still low level without extreme farming. Also playing with high difficulty yields crazy bp's which yor harvesting rate does not match.
  8. I remember having this same problem when we went dedicated on nitrado. Try to disable cross ark features first and restart server.
  9. Taming boss rexes

    We are going with rexes that are born 11-12k health and 300-400 melee. They are very fast to level until thy are 30k and 600 melee. This is the setup I have seen answered the most: "What kind of rex I need for boss": answer: 30k 600%. I don't know if that is still true. our problem is the saddles, haven't found any. We have ascendant for almost all other Dino's but not rexes and argies
  10. Broken website?

    Nitrado seems to be down and atleast some of the sites content is stored there so it can't be downloaded. Is not really wildcards fault if hosting operator raptors up.
  11. Meat runs on Ragnarok

    We build north, close to the volcano on a valley that is right next to where the volcano black area starts. Has little water pool in the middle and all the space you ever need for your dinos. I mean rendering distance on epic would not show your dinos in the other end. It has flat area and very big area with inclinition. Easy access to stone/water/wood. We get our metal mostly from grinding platform saddles from (cave) drops. If you keep heading East from there you'll end up in the snow mountains which has ridiculous amount of mammuth/rhino/wolfs. We usually head there with 2-3 rexes (one player only) and farm for 10-15 min and all rexes all FULL if you use the "Attack this target" -whistle properly. We use cooked meat for breeding, but we are on 5x. I highly suggest that location for your base.
  12. Lights

    Did they roll this out? Didn't see in the patch notes but then again i play only on PC, maybe its only PS4 -feature?
  13. Doedicurus bug

    Ark wiki had an entry for Doedicurus collecting Obsidian and Metal until 13 April 2017‎, so i guess it was changed around then.
  14. Ragnarok Best Metal Spawns

    All the best safest places seems to be mentioned here already. If you play most of the time solo or tribe does not have quetzal yet then I suggest to build small base infront of the Metal Cave and bring ankylo there. Spawn there with bed, farm cave, put metal into a forge and quick travel back to main base again with the bed and continue your normal ark life. Do this couple times a day and you'll endup with a lot of metal and its always safe. With metal you end up doing also a lot of gunpowder so bring castoroid there also and farm the wood for charcoal. Then every now and then transport either the metal back to main base or make all metal things there and transport only the end-products like guns or bullets. Otherwise Quetzal on the northern little islets with ankylo, but this was already mentioned above