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    50 dinos sounds hard to control unless you have 10 players. We are 4 member tribe so maybe just take one spare for each, we have good theris (50 health, 51 dmg) so maybe that could be enough with cakes?
  2. Is Therizinosaurus good against bosses?

    did medium dragon with 50/50 (dmg/health) after hatch theris with 144-200 saddles + cakes and lost all, killed with shotguns. This prolly because we failed whistles and tanking. Theris are leveled to 20k health / 720-780 dmg Alpha spider/ape is over in 1-2min with these theris taking max 1k dmg (with yuti)
  3. Seagull problem

    It will shoot them. Could use together with autoturrent
  4. Lvl 280 alpha Mosa

    Can you get the golem out?
  5. Alpha Broodmother

    Should be, we did it with 18 spinos, yuti, daedoon
  6. SotF Streamers

    These guys used to stream and some of them were very good also. The bad things is they don't stream sotf anymore but for example watching utoast doing ark pvp is good alternative, he also sometimes goes for sotf. dekiRage (deki, theFittestSurvivor) ( pengu ( davnell ( utoast (streams a lot of ark pvp and always fighting, no farming) (
  7. Maturation

    Or transferred to another server for war if the line is more or less perfect already. Anyway in that stream there was also most likely 50 tusos growing and another 100 adults waiting to be used. There was also bears and some other thingys.
  8. Maturation

    Here is a picture of one megatribe hatching 200 giga eggs over last event on official. No wonder why they are tame capped.
  9. Spino is actually viable now

    Did all modes of Broodmother and Ape with Spinos + Yuti. Lost one spino for alpha spider, stats 44/40 (h/d).
  10. strategy for managing multiple characters

    spawn loot crate with admin command and transfer with that. Also, consider using mindwipe tonic instead of crafting with another character. If you lose map based engrams you can always spawn yourself a blueprint for those to save time.
  11. How Long Are Your Days and Nights?

    Do you count it as cheating or why you don't want to use it?
  12. New Player / Giga Defense

    Do not build near giga spawns. I guess you play on The Island map? Build on South west beaches
  13. Really struggling to find a route to drake eggs

    We use more strange approach and built 180 tracks elevator from blue zone to the pink lake. This is something like 50k metal or so + generators. It takes some time for the elevator to ascend but you can bring your tames back quite easy.
  14. Aberrant Ankylo taking radiation damage in Red zone

    i tested it couple weeks ago when i wanted to farm red gems.
  15. Aberrant Ankylo taking radiation damage in Red zone

    I tryd to add it aswell but kept getting 503 from the server and weren’t able to do it.