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  1. The answer is simply No. But this is not entirely wrong. The born dino always has more chance to get the higher stat from parents but you cannot affect it in any way so maybe the superstition comes from this.
  2. You need to look at the positive side: you learn stuff and don't need to do the same mistakes others did. Also stop being such a pussy
  3. This is how you should always play new DLC unless you play competitive PVP in a tribe that controls multiple servers. For the best experience you need to struggle -- there is no story without struggle. Once you have completed the dlc 90% or so, start thinking about bringing stuff from other maps, like your awesome blueprints etc
  4. 2 players with 1 good bred theri each can kill wild Giga easily with 1-2 cakes in the inventory no matter what is the level of giga because they always have 80k health. You can do it even with one theri solo but sometimes you can die. With 2 persons this is not a problem, you will endup with 30% health. Or use a group of unridden ones with you not even need to be mate boosted. Theri(s) should have stats (max) 20k health, 800+ melee (50+ levels in health and dmg after hatch and you need 100% imprint), saddle 80+. Giga will make almost no damage with normal attack because of the saddle. However, the bleeding effect is the thing that takes your health but thats why you have the cakes, this is a battle against time and there is no special tricks here, just spam attack. Most likely, single bred Rex will never kill wild giga, but 2-3 can do it.
  5. You can prolly make it with Lazarus Soup. The island drops are pretty easy.
  6. 5 = parachute, everything else depends so much what you do. You do a lot of stuff naked without anything on hotbar jumping from bed to bed. If you need to run, stimberries at 1, if you build something then structure at 1. Depending which boss you you fight I have different hotbar. Also, hotbar is bindable and I can't reach most of the stuff quickly enough after 5 anyway, maybe because I'm left handed (and/or just retarded), who knows.
  7. Didn't see a post here yet about this so here goes: http://tournament.theultimatesurvivor.eu/ Balanced version of the game and tournament, bigger plans ahead for creating ark mod from sotf. Join the discord for more info: https://discordapp.com/invite/ejQyJ2E
  8. the other berries have a spanish kind of name and Mejo-berry most likely comes from spanish word Mejor, which basically means Best and its the best of the berries in the nutrious way. I would say that its pronounced in the spanish way with j turned into h -> mehoberry.
  9. so you go with quetzal + body bag + anky on a platform saddle?
  10. 30k metal in abb solo crab + anky is quite fast on the blue zone (fast = one run). You can get 60k in the same time (one run) if you have 2 persons cause you need 600 slots in inventory.
  11. This is what i thought but refused to accept it.
  12. Update: There is no meta for farming crystal in very large amounts fast, like metal/orgpoly in aberration I have been trying to find the best way to farm crystal in very large quantities but unable to find the right way or a place. I play on all maps. In Aberration we have setup to easily farm 60k metal, 10k org poly etc but crystal is just soooo hard. Volcano on The Island seems to be the best on spot for this but I'm looking to farm something like 40k "fast".
  13. i guess this is just a way to use tek rex saddle without the worry about losing it when you die with your rex, its just another bred dino and you can easily make more?
  14. Lava Golem does not have it. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables
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