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  1. Didn't see a post here yet about this so here goes: http://tournament.theultimatesurvivor.eu/ Balanced version of the game and tournament, bigger plans ahead for creating ark mod from sotf. Join the discord for more info: https://discordapp.com/invite/ejQyJ2E
  2. Boubbin

    Respawning on a bed during a raid....

    There could be a way to do it if you dont spawn a bed but a wild spawn point. I have been wondering the same. Take a look at this spawn, could be just animation glitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/269282585?t=00h30m11s
  3. We did this on Nitrado dedicated for some time and its works, but it has tradeoffs and some weird unexpected behaviour. I don't suggest to do this even for super occasional use. You can just shutdown the server, switch map and restart. It will work mostly as expected and will not destroy any data: All data is saved on both maps separately If you shutdown ragnarok later its state is saved and the island data is loaded if you change map Ragnarok will start as empty day 0 map for thet first time You are able to download stuff that you uploaded if configured properly Tribe is the same tribe with same people However, you will ran into some weird things that may or may not affect the end result: Personal inventories are map spesific, and switching map can cause item duplication/loss (intended or not) Or stuff that you leave on The Island on your character may not travel to Ragnarok You will run into very long spawn timer (30min) if you are on PVP mode for the first time you spawn Easy fix for this is to start as PVE and then after first spawn change to PVP again Changes inside the tribe affects both maps and can be hard to predict the result on the other map Using obelisk/drop/transmitter transferring can cause item/character loss or duplication Anyway, backup all files before you do this since there are options to wipe saved data from existing tribes etc upon map switch. This all seems like a good idea at first. You think you run ragnarok every now and then but very fast it will develop a situtation where you leave some stuff to the other map that you want in the other and causes you to restart the server more than you think of. Other players maybe have some unfinished work on Ragnarok but you need to breed on The Island so you don't know which map you should be running in that moment. People log in after night and find themselfs in Ragnarok when last night they were on The Island since you needed to do some stuff during noght on Ragnarok and forgot to start server again with The Island. Also, when in Ragnarok, all the progress on the Island is paused (and vice-versa) and might be frustating for your breeding exprience. However, decay timers seems to be "running" even when server is shutdown and upon start again you might find some of your greenhouse walls destroyed. Its best to have 2 separate instances running and linked together with cluster option for smooth experience. In that case you need to always transfer between the servers with obelisk/drop/transmitter and first time you need to create the tribe and accept all people etc.
  4. Boubbin

    Bp question

    definitely a keeper, like said above not the best one you can get your hands on but think of it this way: it has double the dmg of normal shotgun, and triple the durability these two together: you can make double dmg per shot for 3 times longer than normal shotgun, so with some very questionable math its 6 times better than stock shotgun have a nice weekend
  5. i don't think you get to do dragon ever in hardcore unless you are very hardcore
  6. Boubbin

    Can your own turrets kill you?

    Non-official with carefully selected settings, yes
  7. Killing high-level (240+) giga babies with experience soup effect on evolution event seems the only way to get here "fast"... If one giga baby gives 10k exp (according to: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Giganotosaurus), its 20k with the soup and 30k/40k on evolution event i guess. So that makes 250 babies or so? Happy incubating
  8. I had this very same idea yesterday when building some base defence towers. This would definitely work with S+ mod since you can set the light intensity to very high
  9. Boubbin

    Player max level +1 again

    I think you will ascend on extinction and get 15 more levels with max level at 150 so you are saying that they will increase it +1 every month until Extinction release to get to 150 instead of 145 (Tekcave 15, Rockwell 15, Extinction 15)?
  10. Why do you think that is? They just increased it +1 like one month ago, now again. So new maximum without ascending is 102.
  11. Boubbin

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    the other berries have a spanish kind of name and Mejo-berry most likely comes from spanish word Mejor, which basically means Best and its the best of the berries in the nutrious way. I would say that its pronounced in the spanish way with j turned into h -> mehoberry.
  12. Boubbin

    Medium Ragnarok boss fight.

    how many people?
  13. Boubbin

    Tek cave and ascension questions

    We have done easy and medium just now with 5 survivors and 8 theris (21k health, 800 dmg), 144-180 armor saddles and 10 cakes each, 1 rex and one yuti. Its super duper easy once you understand how the overseer fight works, it's very confusing in the beginning since its not like other bosses that you just spam "attack here" & yuti buff. The stun effect it makes with the lazers is so short that it does not make any danger. We all got unmounted several times during the fight. Bring shotgun with around 200 ammo. Didn't have any problem with gigas/microraptors/purlovia either, but this was maybe luck? Giga: 2 of these theris kill any wild gigas in around 30s but they lose 7k health due the bleeding effect from giga bite, cakes will recover that fast. Same goes to the giga in the cave. Other people answered already about the easiest way to get rid of it. The problem with rexes is that they are VERY big for the cave and go very easily to the lava if not taken care. Theris can do he whole cave on follow without problem, unless you bring all 50 . The problem with theris is the wild yuti that will make them fear, so you need to take care of it with rex/ranged. Also the cakes are kind of expensive and hassle to make. All theris come out of the overseer battle with full health. Rex and Yuti can be bloody. We were surprised how easy the cave part was and we arrived to the teleport 40mins left in the clock, but the overseer battle took us very long time in the first try, like 20-30min because you dont know when you can attack etc.
  14. and he could have not just transferred it over from another server?
  15. Boubbin


    they can't force you to build only from wood or no turrets. well they can say it but it has no effect, you can still build from metal. it will be destroyed most likely yes, but they can't force you