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  1. New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    Very glad to see some new servers. so thanks for that. I do agree with the majority of the users that it is still just a fraction of what is needed in the long run. Tried transfering to one of the new NA-PVE servers that had been up for about a day and the majority of the map was already pillared off. Had to fight off thylos/terror birds deep in the redwoods just to find a place to build my first thatch hut. Feels bad man.
  2. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    I do think getting onto a server is just random chance. I've been spamming for an hour now and still cant get onto my server......
  3. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Really wish they would add enough servers for their players before trying to sell us more content.......
  4. Day One! Launch & More!

    Skill has almost nothing to do with being an Alpha. Having people, and time to play (a lot of time to play) is really the only factor. Me and a friend were Betas on a server for 6 months but could never take the Alpha slot because of the sheer amount of hours the Alpha tribe could put into the game.
  5. Day One! Launch & More!

    Luckily, I work nights. And I have the next 3 nights off. So if this ever gets resolved, I hope to have a head start over regular 8-5er's.
  6. Day One! Launch & More!

    And here I was thinking "oh, nobody will want to play on the new, fresh, servers. Everybody will just stay on legacy and I can have a low population server where everyone starts on equal terms." From the sounds of it, everybody will be on the new servers now.
  7. Day One! Launch & More!

    So I see like 5 NA-PVP-Ragnorak official servers. All of which are full. Been waiting to play all day on PC. Is there something im missing