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  1. I know, right?? Hello... anyone hear about Square-Enix... and how LOOOONG Kingdom Hearts 3 took to finally get a release date of NEXT year? Games tame time.
  2. I can't wait, it looks awesome! All the fixes and updates and patches and TLC passes this year have been great. To have a new DLC that runs well, doesn't crash and is just amazing... takes time to get right. I make games for a living too Ark Devs! Keep this up. It looks good. Ignore all the haters!
  3. Hi there, I play strictly solo. I sent my character and my best Argie to Scorched, tamed/raised a bunch of the critters, including a beloved wyvern. I took a bunch of them to an obelisk to upload them back to my Island. Everything was fine, i loaded up the quetzes I had there, had each of my flyers set to follow one in front, with me riding one of the platform quetzes back to base... for some reason, half of the flyers vanished and didn't re-spawn when I flew back along the same path. When I landed back at the obelisk to see if they went back there, I got off the quetz and called
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