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  1. SO A NEW DRAGON TYPE, A WYRM OR LINDWURM Scorched Earth - Wyvern Aberration - Rock Drake Extinction - Maybe it could be a Wyrm or Lindwurm??
  2. Erm well I think whoever it is! It's the actual ARK itself from the line of code deciphered here and how the the image looks!!! "I am not a god. I am more than that. Infinitely more. I am everything. This world, this ARK, it is my body. Rockwell became the ARK!! This link will show you what I mean by he is the ARK takes you to my Twitter Convo: I also made a video last Sunday on how it would be Rockwell I had the itch it was him but I needed more time for evidence Link for those intrigued:
  3. TheJuicyBear

    Tek Cave

    I agree i just wen't in there with a few high level rexe's and daeodon's.