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  1. Arkonautalus

    Trilobite spawn

    So I have just started another single player play through and I'm searching for some easy chitin in the form of trilobite. I've been combing most of the South beaches as well as herbivore island and I'm yet to find a single trilobite. Does anyone else have this problem or now how to fix it. Thanks.
  2. Arkonautalus

    Any news on Switch release?

    I was gonna credit you for telling me but I couldn't remember your name.😁
  3. Arkonautalus

    Any news on Switch release?

    Studio Wildcard has announced that ark on the switch has gone gold. This means that the game is complete, has been approved and is currently being loaded onto masses of game cartridges. We should expect the game in the next couple months.
  4. Arkonautalus

    Nintendo Switch will also get the DLC

    Well studio wild card has stated that the switch will have the full content that the other consoles have so you could only assume that it means the dlcs aswell
  5. Arkonautalus

    Any news on Switch release?

    Release can't be too far away as preorders are available at an Australian retailer which never makes preorders available until around 1-2 months before release. There is also a supposed leak for the 1st of October but take these with a grain of salt as they don't really have much of a reputable base.
  6. Arkonautalus

    Single Player/dedicated server settings

    I'll definitely do that. Thanks for your help guys I think I have a plan of action now.😁
  7. Arkonautalus

    Single Player/dedicated server settings

    I will start on on the island and work my way through all the maps and dlcs. I will try and balance it out myself by starting an alterernate save game, I'll test out harvesting, breeding, taming and leveling by spawning stuff in and adjusting accordingly. Might post it in tutorials if I get the time. I think I'll actually wait to start my solo journey on the Nintendo Switch so it might be a month or so till it finally releases and I finally start.
  8. Arkonautalus

    Single Player/dedicated server settings

    Yes they are incredibly boosted but waiting for things to happen just feels that it doesn't make the gameplay any better. I will keep a mating interval on, probably at about 12 hours so I can't just breed 10 rexes in 20 minutes. I realise now that the incubation multiplier will cause eggs things like dodo eggs hatch before they can be picked up. Something more like 100x will probably do. I was never intending to put on the pre-made singleplayer settings. If I were to use the predetermined ones it would be hard to figure out what the final value would be anyway
  9. Arkonautalus

    Single Player/dedicated server settings

    I understand this, it is one of the main reasons I wish to boost the settings. The other settings such as harvesting I only wish to boost enough to make it viable to progress without a constant grind. After a little research on Dododex I am thinking of taming at around x15, egg hatching at x400 and maturation at x150-200.
  10. Arkonautalus

    Single Player/dedicated server settings

    I am definitely in it for the storyline, collecting explorer notes, breeding rexes for bosses, following the path of ascension. I really just don't see how waiting hours ingame waiting for things to tame or mature or breed however.
  11. So I have been deliberating starting a singleplayer playthrough world for a while now. After constant raids on officials and dodgy admins on dedicated servers I have decided I am finally ready to give it a go. I understand that the gathering/taming/breeding etc are automatically set to vanilla official server settings. This will be very grindy as it will just be me. I wish to have a casual playthrough where I only need to wait 40 mins for a rex to tame or a significantly shorter amount of time for breeding. If you guys have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them 😁.