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  1. @Everyone holding onto Legacy... in all honesty, Legacy is completely broken and I'm surprised they aren't just wiping the whole thing. But instead of wiping immediately, they're doing something that seals it's fate to that affect on a more gradual slope. The sheer amount of duped dinos, duped structure, items, weapons, tek, etc, it's simply and absolutely game breaking. I don't even enjoy the game due to it. It's just battle after battle of dupers. Those that didn't dupe, stand zero chance in hell, against a real group of hardcore dupers with the agenda to wipe you. Let me put this into perspective. 1 vault of compartments is worth 3.375 million ingots (225 metal x 100 per stack x 150 slots). 1 vault of clusters is worth a little over 30kish advanced rifle rounds when using a grinder with tons of polymer on the side. In all, spread across 3-4 servers, my tribe alone, have over 500 vaults full of every TEK structure, c4, homing rockets, cluster grenades (stack in 100's), compartments (stack in 100's), refertilizer (stacks in 100's), crop plots, max ascendent saddles, and the list goes on. Also, what about the 1200 melee base Giga's and Rex? How do you possibly stand up against that? Some tribes use entire servers as their personal Dino storage area. And they're full of these duped tames. I hate duping. I hate the ability to cheat in competitive games. Before duping, there was the infinite carry weight metal glitch, etc. If you didn't dupe or cheat, you were left so exponentially behind those that did, that you'd never catch up in literally years of solid grinding/farming, to what a single hour could net you. And you're completely idiotic to not dupe, if given the knowledge and opportunity, because what choice did you truly have? Now imagine duping for a solid week, for 10-14 hours a day. Now imagine for duping 3 separate weeks, because new methods were found each time. I spent 1000's of hours too in this game on xbox. But I am 100% happier leaving legacy behind and starting anew. I pray they actually stop the duping before it can happen or at least are able to systematically and totally eliminate every tribe that does manage to do so.
  2. What are the XP/Harvest/Tame rates going to be set at on Official Launch? Will we see a return of the "new normal" or is it going to revert back to the old school 1x? Currently XP/Harvest are reset back down to the old school 1x, instead of the "new normal" of 2x. Let me explain: Bare base xp on old school primative bow is 10xp. Crafting a bow should net 20xp on the "new normal," but it only nets 10xp.
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