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  1. I have 6.5k hours on official pvp, does that make me new? I would love a wipe. Im in one of the biggest tribes on PC PvP
  2. "-Remove turret mode and have the parasaur only work if it is being mounted and using right click." That sounds like the best option tbh
  3. What? You still need my taxidermy?
  4. Maybe give the tribe manager some TLC. Maybe add the following options / features: -Search bar to search player names. -Toggle showing certrain ranks on / off (Easier to find people) -Being able to BAN people from a tribe, banning their steamid/implant id from that specific tribe. (Only Owners can Unban)
  5. Would be nice for a place were devs can upload temp builds of the game to a private server so players can test changes and stuff. Kinda like World of Warcraft does with the Public Test Realm. (Do this for major changes, like structures and stuff)
  6. This just proves how jank wildcard are....so sad, great game...crappy community.
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