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  1. Not sure where you're playing, but drops are working fine on PS4 Official servers!
  2. Really? I tried Sabertooth Salmon with tames and with a Metal Sickle but neither worked. Perhaps Ill try a machete see if that works, but still a big issue.
  3. Fishing works? I haven't tried Ichthyornis either but that's a lot of hassle.
  4. MAJOR problem on Primitive Plus at the moment (experienced on PS4 Official PvE servers): - It is currently not possible to harvest PRIME Fish Meat. Tested on Ragnarok and The Center. No PRIME Fish Meat was acquired when harvesting dinos with tames or sickles. This even included after killing an Alpha. No PRIME Fish Meat was acquired via Leedsichthys when swimming up to them for harvesting. Only regular Fish Meat is obtained. This is a major problem due to it now being needed for imprinting on dinos.
  5. The whole point of Primitive Plus is to get a new experience within Ark and the concept of it is to stay away from Tek, metal structures and heavy weaponry which to an extent feels like it doesn't belong in this game (for some of us.) If you try and mix Prim+ with regular servers in some way, even if you still cant bring that stuff to Prim+, it is quite simply going to kill off the game mode. With what is being said I wont completely agree that those who do not play Primitive Plus at the moment are irrelevant in this conversation, they are not irrelevant. But their opinions should weigh very little in comparison to those who have played this game mode and actually know what it is about. If adding Primitive Plus to the main game files is a solution to the mode being broken with every update then great, go ahead. But anything that is done which results in wiping the existing servers is going to kill these servers completely. The game is becoming pretty old now and people are not going to be willing to do a full reset yet again. Those in the forum interested in Prim+ clearly can't be interested enough to actually have tried it, perhaps they don't want to restart, so we should instead? No.. Killing this game mode so people can have the odd Lumber building in their base or a few extra vegetables is ludicrous. I stand by the best option is adding these files to the main game (IF this does not result in server wipes) and simply leaving it as a separate mode like it is now. Everybody will be happy and it wont be lost in the game to slowly die.
  6. I think it is safe to say that SOMETHING needs to be done, yes. But whatever option is chosen, you cannot consider wiping these servers again. I have played Ark since the initial release on PS4 over 2 years ago now and stuck with this game through a lot. First off, when the whole thing happened with Legacy servers and people were faced with having to start over again, the number of people that quit was large. Following this, my tribe went to Unofficial servers with friends until eventually getting bored and quitting the game for several months. We had done everything on the game and there seemed nothing left to do (everything was kept below 2x rates, nothing extortionate). At this time we were more or less done with Ark, until one day an old friend showed us some screenshots of Primitive Plus with the different structures and things we hadn't seen before on Ark: Survival Evolved. Now almost a year on in Official PvE, we are the largest tribe of any of the servers and still enjoying the game. This is what Prim+ does in my opinion, ives players a chance to experience something new on Ark when they feel like everything has been done and it is something different from the main game. In the time I have been playing on Prim+, I have seen countless people come and go, mainly leaving because of the numerous problems we encounter on these servers and because there always seems to be something wrong. I have always understand how these problems occur, but never undweerstood why developers seem to forget about the problems every time. Heck, if you need to release updates a week later on Primitive Plus to make sure everything you change doesn't affect the mod, then I don't think many people would mind at all. Now, after a quick scan I think the only viable option suggested is to make Primitive Plus part of the main game. It is already on every platform. But, I can confidently say now that if these servers are wiped then they may as well be deleted because the vast majority will quit playing. Not just Prim+, but Ark. Whatever option is decided upon, it should be a priority that there is no wipe and everyone keeps what they have worked towards, because it was a lot harder to do in a smaller community. This comes from a PS4 Primitive Plus PvE player. Apologies for any typos, but thank you for reading and finally looking to do something with this neglected game mode. EDIT: To be honest, I don't see why you cant make it part of the main game's files but have it remain as a separate mode. That would keep everybody happy.
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