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  1. According to this, it says that it will give console players a much more enjoyable experience even though it will be the complete opposite because of spoilers from PC players everywhere on the internet. Wise choice wildcard......
  2. I believe the dossier will be similar to the queen bee and how the only have their dossier, but mention the soldiers a bunch in the dossier.
  3. I want one so i can smash my foes to the ground like ants >:D
  4. its crazy how it has been 2 years. I remember on day one when I tamed an Ankylosaur as my first tame before every other tame. It was a mistake
  5. Will xbox players still be able to transfer to ragnarok even though it is coming after the Great migration? Im sorta confused since i really want to transfer my dinos to ragnarok.
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