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  1. Ok so server config is messed up and as invalid. Server is live their end and for epic games but not for steam.. really fix the server. This is the 3rd time since october this happens and should be an easy solution.
  2. Eu center 192 is down.. over 24 hours.. Last time this happened it was live wildcard end just not community end with server status reading invalid. Please reboot it.. last time people lost alot and had to replace as the server time was going forward instead of being paused and no one could get on.
  3. Eu Center 192 still down almoat 56 hours. Server outtage form filled, we will keep buggin until it comes back up:)
  4. Hi, The Center Map is not playable. Repeated rubber banding and disconnections. Cannot move from 1 spot to the other unless a lucky bed hop, ping is 255 and a lot of people are scared to transfer incase chars get ate. No one can pod theor babies and timers are going messy too. Please look into this. Avoid this map tonight as the last 4 hours or so this has been happening.
  5. Not making excuses, have a heart and some understanding. Fill ouutage tickets or submit tickets. Not a need for negativity or trolling them. Just wasted energy. Doesn't matter how long you been here. Bases won't dissapear it sill comes up from last server save. Don't see the point in posts not contributing other then pulling the game and team down. Work with them to make game better.
  6. The game has been going through DDOS attacks, spoke to Cedric over on twitter yesterday, they know and are trying to resolve it. We are all in the same boat unfortunately
  7. Calm down we are all frustrated, there has been talks of Ark being DDOS and attacks this week. Cedric posted about it and they are aware a d trying to resolve this.
  8. Hey Bud, Cedric said some stuff on twitter about it. Have a look there ♡
  9. Sometimes things are out of their control and take sometime to fix, they are aware of this. However sunday is Farther's day were most are spending it with their families or some are trying to get through the day as best they can after loosing their farther. WC will get to it soon i believe as Cedric already addressed it on Twitter when he was asked about it. Please don't go trolling him, Sunday was an incredibly hard day for him but despite that he still did reply and give a lil info on what's happened. Have some patience and understanding.
  10. chill, have some patience it will get sorted, i posted the outtage link as some people have not known it was there, so it helps everyone to submit when outtages are, we are heard more in numbers then we are solo
  11. Server rag 397 is too island 199 had this same issue too. Please fix already filled outtage report as did the hubby. Come on ark!
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