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  1. awww poor you do you want a cookie ? go get a better pc scrub
  2. This is a really well written post I can understand how hard it can be to predict what players decide to do with the building blocks you give them. Keep up the good work and ignore that ignorant poops that give you a hard time every minute of every day
  3. Get a good level enforcer. They do extra damage to corrupted dinos and are pretty fast so they are perfect. I can solo blues on a regular server and I feel with a slightly higher level one i could probs solo a yellow. I'm thinking with a snow owl for healing in between waves it would be even easier
  4. have yout lot not seen the bionic skins that xbox collectors adition got ? The new Tek dinos use these skins so its pretty easy to guess what is coming. We are yet to see the Tek Trike, Giga, Mosa and quetz. I would put money on trike being next and then the other three will come after extinction.
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