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  1. have yout lot not seen the bionic skins that xbox collectors adition got ? The new Tek dinos use these skins so its pretty easy to guess what is coming. We are yet to see the Tek Trike, Giga, Mosa and quetz. I would put money on trike being next and then the other three will come after extinction.
  2. revjiggs

    5% Spawn Is Too Low For the Event

    Yea the Tek Rexes arn't even dinos so don't be to in a rush to get one. Im guessing we are going to see more Tek dinos going up to the release of Extinction so it might be worth getting your server admin to do regular wipes wild dino wipes as they come
  3. revjiggs

    Argy can't pick up anky

    I didn't even realise they could carry ankys thats a nice change.
  4. revjiggs

    Help About Color Mutation

    I think the biggest tip I can give is keep breeding. I got a REALLY cool purple mutation on my Rexes but I must have bred like 100 in total
  5. revjiggs

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Exactly how many dinos from the island will be returning in abberation also any from scorched earth?