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  1. Updated my visibility... "newbie" status is based on number of posts, not length of time afaik.
  2. As a new member you won't be able to private message yet. Hit me up on discord - cybermirageuk
  3. I'll double check but you just mean the co-ords on the map image right? Everything I checked in-game appeared to match the co-ords displayed by ASV. As for active dates etc. I've not got round to looking into them yet. Guessing I missed a few bits that I previously loaded from ASE.
  4. Upload it somewhere and I'll debug and investigate. Just playing the game a little myself this evening so probably tomorrow now before I get any further work done on ASV.
  5. Thanks, only ever tested it with single player and the unofficials provided by the guys on here. Will replicate and see how to work around that.
  6. FYI I just updated my "viewer" app to work with Ark Ascended. I only ever post it in the "Server Administration" forum as initially it was to help out server admins but as it also works for any save file you have access to (single player) I thought I'd share it here. Apologies if this is not appropriate but seems it might help a few non-server type people too. Happy hunting!
  7. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16WqBZamQD1Jes5XjJEpo2FOTn53Kxdbf/view?usp=drive_link Features Added "Maturation" column to wild and tamed data grids to identify babies. Fixes Re-aligned map image.
  8. Hmm.. yeah. Or import into excel instead of "opening with" so you can specify the format or set it as "Text" so nothing gets truncated. CSV isn't getting any new love - it's all about the JSON
  9. Yeah I'll have to look into the map image. The co-ordinates in-game CCC and GPS (Map) match what ASV reports so my calculations are correct. Obviously mis-aligned my image as this one was 2k instead of 1k resolution.
  10. Version now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wOILl1DTPhvZCKs4x0J_0tfM4kv1NYQu/view?usp=drive_link Alternatively for those that can't access Google (drive) it's also available on my public Github repo: https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases/tag/ASA Features Initial support for Ark Survival Ascended file format. Fixes Copy/Rcon command no longer causes an error on dropped/item search tabs. Work in progress Painting support for ASA. Filters by baby and display of baby age for wilds (currently filtered out same as cave dinos if "Tameable" checked).. and tames. Cryopod support. Investigate new ASA data properties to see if they might provide more feature to ASV. Refactor the code so its more readable (no effect on app use) Donations Once again, please don't feel you need to donate ANYTHING, but if you really want to you can at: https://ko-fi.com/mirageuk
  11. In the game save data I have they appear to be around the edges of the map but I find it hard to see much underwater in this game tbh.
  12. Im not actually sure yet - have to check the data. Just wanted to get it working the same as it did for ASE before looking into how wild babies are handled but would imagine they are included. Future updates of ASV will include the "age" of wilds if that information is available. ...edit.. - wild baby properties are available.
  13. Getting closer. Some inventory stuff to work out but so far it's looking good.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it - there are a lot more properties and data available in ASA than there was in ASE so regardless of the vanilla cryopod addition I still have a LOT of work to do to analyse and see if and how I can make use of that new data in ASV
  15. @Elgar I started playing ASA on my friends unofficial server - so have had some additional motivation to try and get it completed again (we're gonna need to find them breeding stocks!!) Just trying to parse and verify some cryopod mod data but should have ASV ready as an xmas present for you all
  16. I'm currently working on a utility to parse ASA save game data and I can tell you that with the 3 unofficial server files I've been provided with it appears to be extremely rare spawn. 2 saves had 1 Megalosaurus and 1 save had NONE.
  17. Would /spawnexactdino not work? That's already built in to ASV as an option in the copy/rcon command list(s). Would just need to alter the taming and target tribe data to match the new player tribe data on ASA?
  18. Nope - it's possible in theory to copy from one ASA db to another - but the binary format from ASE would still be incompatible due to the changes.
  19. Apologies guys - I know you're patient but I should have updated you. I managed to get the whole save file parsed but had to start a new library project of my own to do so as it was proving quite difficult to try and add in the bits that had changed to the existing toolkit ASV uses. The good news is it appears to be VERY fast in comparrison to the old way of loading a save. I'm now only loading information I need instead of everything and as the properties are stored with the game objects it makes multi-threading more performant I also imagine that it will also be possible to delete stuff offline without having a knock on effect on other data in-game because of how it's now stored. Unfortunately, as it's a new toolkit, I now have some work to do to surface all of that information up to ASV in a way that it already understands which is going to take a few more days. I've already got the map image and co-ordinate system worked out as that was slightly different to the original Island on ASE so it is literally just pulling all that info up to the UI and export options.. then work on adding the new properties as appropriate in future builds of ASV.
  20. @geigercom - I have a Ko-fi account setup for donations but please don't feel you need to. I enjoy coding and helping others where I can and have a well enough paid "day job" to cover the bills
  21. @SpenceFoxtrot - already aware but the copy command is low priority right now whilst I work on support for ASA.
  22. Thanks @Elgar - downloaded and will be working on it again shortly. Attempted to work on it this morning but clearly need more coffee. Spent 2 hours scratching my head wondering why I can't match up locations with game objects. Eventualy found that I was comparing apples to oranges. Reading in the actor location data GUID information using a different method to the GUID for the game object - they were never going to match that way. Now got it matching up locations to game object data. Just need to work out what other properties and such I will need for ASV to start displaying things.
  23. Anybody want to provide an unofficial backup of ASA for me to work on? Getting there with single player but think I need to start looking at bigger test data now to see what I might have missed. Thanks in advance
  24. Should be able to continue work on this at the weekend. Few evenings wasted this week trying to build an upgraded PC for my daughter.... turned out to be a faulty motherboard so returning that today and won't get getting another until Saturday evening so got this evening and most of the day tomorrow to work on ASV for ASA.
  25. FYI just as a quick update I managed to get it reading in all primitive data types - strings, numbers etc. but have yet to get it working with arrays and structures.. and arrays or structures and structures or arrays ....... ARK!!!! Will continue to work on it after work this afternoon and let you know how I get on.
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