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  1. Should already be off white (WhiteSmoke) compared to normal rows. I can look at making it more obvious though if needed.
  2. Yes you need to configure it with the cluster folder to see any "uploads" data. Tribe view shows only that tribe and players. Structures property is actually "LastAllyInRangeTime" so could relate to that tribe or any player of any allied tribe.
  3. now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tlvcIB9MfDF_wzV2uoalKtJVsnSZCBHF/view?usp=sharing Features Added user allocated "Name" and "Locked" columns to the Player Structures tab. @OneDarkJester Added same properties to the exported json player structure file.
  4. No idea - don't believe I ever used any "lock" feature when I was playing so wasn't aware one was available. Re-installing ARK atm so will see what I can find and let you know.
  5. now avilable. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ngUacepoUcEQWMD3v9fyO1AsIQLOm5X/view?usp=sharing Fixes Failure to load when map contains a Tek Stryder with only 1 attachment slot. @tigernrw
  6. Glad it's helping so many people out. All started as a simple grid to show the best wilds to try and tame and introduce to our breeds on our own private server between friends. It became what it is due to one of them suggesting it'd be useful to others.. then after adding a few features and releasing it on here, you guys are the ones that kept it going with new requests, bug fixes and additions ... and I'm always keen to learn and fix things where I can. It could be much better had it been a real "project" instead of something I've just hacked together learning along the way.
  7. @tigernrw - Upload your save game somewhere I can access and I'll investigate and debug what's going on. Although I don't use it often I am on discord if you prefer to send me the link via that - cybermirageuk
  8. @rsharecn - sure. Version now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yuwYT0K3LSjye82TJo5vrnwpIjIob7pw/view?usp=sharing Changes Added "Neutered" column to Tamed creatures grid. Added "isNeutered" to Tamed creature JSON output.
  9. @LustWare unfortunately not. Once a player becomes part of a tribe all structures are assigned to that Tribe Id - not the Player Id.
  10. Version now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OL2sbZzxKOjjfNDUyP-hjdrB1FX394-u/view?usp=sharing Fixes Crash on load when map contains a stored creature with no TargetTeam property. @LustWare
  11. @LustWare it appears to be a stored creature (cryopod/vivarium) that has somehow lost it's TargetingTeam property. I will add some defensive code so that it dosn't crash when attempting to replace this with the owner of the cryopod/cryofridge/vivarium it is in. Will do a new build and get it uploaded after work this evening.
  12. Version now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vWBziEsjl1veusVJT5cQdiYYBwKsMt4_/view?usp=sharing Creature Id added to Tamed tab - @Wolfamid Last active now ignores Ally In Range and uses only player / tribe dates. Added "dataFile" to Tribe and Player exports with name of .arktribe / .arkprofile file it was read from - @Larkfields Added ability to see old player structures no longer belonging to a player / tribe (ASV Abandoned) - @BoRGaMeS
  13. @ANewHome - I'd need a backup of your save folder to work out what the issue is.
  14. @BoRGaMeS - ASV determines if a building is a player structure by checking for the existence of "OwnerName" or "bHasResetDecayTime" properties. The strucutres at the location you provided have neither of these so ASV does not see them as player structures. I will investigate after work to see if I can pick them up some other way.
  15. @BoRGaMeS I don't suppose you have either the CCC or GPS co-ords of the structures in game that are not being picked up by ASV?
  16. @BoRGaMeS I honestly never got round to re-installing ARK to do any investigation. I don't play the game myself anymore and it's rare I use my computer recently. I've gone full on house owner mode and been doing DIY jobs not involving computers for the last few months. Edit: I'll be re-installing it this weekend to map out Svartalfheim so will check back and see what else you guys have asked / reported and try include fixes as appropriate in a new build. Edit 2: Doesn't look like Svartalfhein map has changed so nothing to update on ASV. I will still re-install, investigate and add the small things asked for.
  17. I'm 42 years old and been programming since I was 15.. not sure how much more "old school" you can get 😛
  18. @BoRGaMeS I can't remember how I coded it but believe ASV only shows things where a play or tribe exists. I'll download your map this evening after work and see if I can work out why these structures are not included. @Larkfields - I should be able to do something with that. Leave it with me.
  19. @SpenceFoxtrot - I no longer play the game and have no save data to check this with. If you can provide your backup data I should be able to see why it doesn't list S+ Dedi storage using your save data. Checked against somebody else save data. I can see S+ dedicated storage appear in Item Search Tab when I search an item that is in that Dedi Storage box. I can see no isssue here without further clarity on what you believe to be the problem? @SupremeChihuahua - I'd need more information. Lookin at the screen shot you appear to be using an offline save game. Not sure what you entered when you hit the PLUS folder to setup your "Server3" so can't really advise on what you might have done wrong. It's usually simple enough to setup using .ARK save data. Leave "cluster folder" blank unless you're running a server with a shared cluster folder.
  20. Unfortunately I don't know the format that Smart Breeder uses and don't have time to include such functionality within ASV. ASV does export to JSON though so if you can work out the format I'm sure it should be easy enough to write something to "translate" one into the other if all information is available in ASV that Smart Breeder uses. Github source is available for ASV if anybody else wants to give it a go: https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV
  21. @Nazfera2 my apologies - incorrect version of FluentFtp.dll included in that build. I have re-packed and re-uploaded. Should work now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SHVtJD56Digc2UWi39Xldi21RyWYTHTR/view?usp=share_link
  22. ASV isn't anything to do with a server. It's not a server plugin or MOD - it is a stand-alone tool to read the .ark, .arkprofile, .arktribe file data. As for your error - did you extract the full zip into a directory? Sounds like it's missing the FluentFtp.dll file.
  23. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SHVtJD56Digc2UWi39Xldi21RyWYTHTR/view?usp=share_link Changes Updated ASV to use latest version of FluentFtp to hopefully resolve some of the issues encountered with previous versions. Unified exports so that ArkViewer and ASVExport both use the same methods and output the same data. Added "tameable" filter option to the Wild Creatures tab. Added Fjell support (copy / paste job of Fjordur in maps.json)
  24. Wasn't aware there was still an unofficial mod version of Fjordur. When my game re-installs I'll check it out and add the mappings as required for it to work as Fjell.
  25. #1 - Filter checkbox will be included in the next build, defaulted to YES to filter out non-tameables. #2 - Not a chance. I don't understand the underlying save format enough to reliably write it back out without corrupting anything. I use a toolkit mainly coded by others with minor amendments I worked out myself to read in some things for ASV to show / export. Noticed that I was still doing exports slightly differently between the command line and the settings page. Will fix and include the Id's in the next release along with the new "tameable" field for the wild exports.
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