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  1. A backup of your data for me to debug? It should always write out to ASV.log but information might not be nearly as useful as the backup itself where I can load it into my development code and walk through it to see what the problem is.1
  2. I'll investigate Dino Depot balls - most mods that work like cryopods tend to use same file format so it's a little odd it doesn't already work. Alphas - yeah this has been raised before. I assume you mean within the Viewer? Un-tick "Tameable" and they should appear, a feature, not a bug. Move columns - at the moment they are hard coded by number - so not so easy to code a move but it is something that has been requested before and I was going to look at if I ever got around to re-working the UI.
  3. Yeah there is no real documentation as this was never actually meant as a public facing project. It quickly evolved from a simple CSV parser to list in sortable grid format showing wilds and tames into what it is today. Maybe one day I'll revisit, clean it all up and document things.
  4. @steakwhistle - There isn't anyway currently to export the map images by command line but the functionality is fairly simple if you have the lat/lon values. var imageSize = 1024; var markerX = (float)(wild.Longitude.GetValueOrDefault(0)) * imageSize / 100; var markerY = (float)(wild.Latitude.GetValueOrDefault(0)) * imageSize / 100;
  5. I think youre the first I'm aware of to try and use ASVBot - so I haven't had much testing or feedback. I don't believe it'll be something you're doing wrong but more likely something I haven't tested. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do over the weekend.
  6. You appear to have some duplicate key data in that save file. About to start work but will investigate further when I finish this evening and get back to you with more information. .. edit ... After adding an ignore to skip these duplicate keys eventually I receive an error regarding the database itself: SQLite Error 11: 'database disk image is malformed'.' Not sure how ARK loads this save if it's a bad file - maybe try using the SqlLite command line tools to "repair" before attempting to read in ASV?
  7. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19NvkGY3DlI6R_ICFEmWnUedVBAQnG8XF/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Changes Addition of basic mod map co-ordinate support for (no map image yet): Insaluna Temptress Lagoon Reverence Nyrandil Amissa (map image support incoming in next release) Addition of map image support for mod map Forglar Fixed detail list and map draw to take into account lat/lon/rad filters for structures and tamed tabs. As usual, donate if you really like but don't ever feel you have to - https://ko-fi.com/mirageuk
  8. Please upload a backup somewhere I can get a copy to debug and I will investigate further. Forglar - add this into your maps.json it should add basic support. Map image to be provided in next release { "MapName": "Forglar (Ascended)", "Filename": "forglar_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 61.4, "LatDiv": 7150.0, "LonShift": 69.8, "LonDiv": 7945.0 } ... edit... Added map support for Forglar - just finished work though so give me an hour or so to get a release together.
  9. Not possible to view. From what I can work out they no longer persist to the save game file and are spawned at runtime only - possibly to prevent stacks of dead nests for bees like we used to have for ASE.
  10. { "MapName": "Amissa (Ascended)", "Filename": "amissa_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 46.9, "LatDiv": 11375.0, "LonShift": 48.1, "LonDiv": 11400 }, { "MapName": "Forglar (Ascended)", "Filename": "forglar_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 61.4, "LatDiv": 7150.0, "LonShift": 69.8, "LonDiv": 7945.0 }, { "MapName": "Insaluna (Ascended)", "Filename": "insaluna_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 50.0, "LatDiv": 9400.0, "LonShift": 50.0, "LonDiv": 9400.0 }, { "MapName": "Temptress Lagoon (Ascended)", "Filename": "temptress_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 50.0, "LatDiv": 8150.0, "LonShift": 50.0, "LonDiv": 8150.0 }, { "MapName": "Reverence (Ascended)", "Filename": "reverence_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 50.0, "LatDiv": 8125.0, "LonShift": 50.0, "LonDiv": 8125.0 }, { "MapName": "Nyrandil (Ascended)", "Filename": "nyrandil.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.jpg", "LatShift": 50.0, "LatDiv": 8175.0, "LonShift": 50.0, "LonDiv": 8175.0 } @palawajoko Add that into your maps.json to add basic support for the mod maps you mentioned. I'll include it in a future release with any images I can find.
  11. Svartalfheim is already supported - a friend runs her own Svart premium server so I know it works there. I'll look into the others and update what I can - may not be map images available but if I can work out the co-ords ASV will at least do the lists even if it can't do the map.
  12. @palawajoko - the co-ordinate calculations are required for ALL maps before any information within the save is useful. What map you wanting me to add support for?
  13. ... and then there was: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BA4JsQDO1ajyQZ2_cMgcb7drWNOSZrQW/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Changes Fix to parse latest file format changes for ASA. Addition of Lat, Lon and Radius filters for Player Tame and Structure views.
  14. @Larkfields folders wont matter for my purposes. You specify the cluster folder when you add the FTP or Local ARK in ArkViewer or in the command line for exports. Messages were blocked as I was at 110% storage apparently - cleared down now so it should work again but got the link from Duo on discord.
  15. In ASE whatever was uploaded was stored in the "cluster" folder from what I can understand. I'd just need a couple of files from there to break down and check the format. Hopefully it's not changed but only one way to find out.
  16. I'm currently looking at adding a "Cluster" view & export so wondering if you guys have any cluster file data for ASA yet? I don't run servers personally so don't even know if this is possible currently but if it is I'd like to get my hands on it to see if I can parse it in and make use of it. We can already parse the cluster data for ASE so don't need examples there - just ASA. Thanks in advance
  17. now available: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SZdIgHo4RvsJitaIQxaG7ddsPJ7HjDng/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Changes Added Wyvern Egg data into inventory of Wyvern Nest map view: Now parses and includes Oasisaur data for both Wild and Tamed options. Donations: https://ko-fi.com/mirageuk
  18. Exactly this. I don't include a config.json in the release so that any "upgrades" can be dropped over the top of any previous version whilst keeping the same settings.
  19. now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14s3lHSREisSdkLoY4Ng6cALcmld1aTz4/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases/ Changes Reviewed how I read/write timestamps following start of BST causing my own local files to be 2 hours different to the times on my ftp server. Added support for Scorched Earth Ascended but still work to be done to reveal Oasisaurs. .. and possibly Wyvern nests/eggs. ..edit.. Wyvern nests are already available. Eggs - I'm gonna need some time to work on the code. Essentially instead of just having the one dropped item with a "DroppedBy" revealing the wyvern parents we now have more steps to go through: DroppedItemGeneric_FertilizedEgg_NoPhysicsWyvern_C - contains the location and a reference to the actual egg via a "MyItem" property. PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Wyvern_Fertilized_Lightning_C - is the actual egg - but that contains no location data. I need to get the object reference from the generic, find that object in the game data then get the "CustomDescription" to match what was displayed previously. I don't have much time this evening but should have it completed - along with reading in the Oasisaurs - by the weekend. .. edit 2.. Got the eggs!!.. now to try work out Oasisaurs. .. edit 3 .. Oasisaur might take me some time. Turns out there are new property types I'm not handling so not reading in all the properties I'm expecting to see for ASV as I bail when it comes to properties types I've not handled.
  20. Support for Scorched Ascended will be added as soon as either an explorer or resouce map is made available. Already jumped in and worked out co-ordinate system is the same used by The Island so have the grid ready to put a map in-place and add the maps.json. Weird having creatures in the base game that you can see but can't tame without the "Bobs Tales" adventure pack - unless you "CHEAT DOTAME" ..edit.. Might need a little more time to get the new "Oasisaur" read in. Of course they went with a different set of properties to normal creatures where there is no reference to the status component from the Oasisaur_Character_BP object.. or the standard "bServerInitializedDino". I should still be able to link things back in reverse - the status/inventory components still contains the "id" back to the "Character_BP" component.
  21. now available: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mcDiy7BKhWMdqUy0fN___BglHyToo6cd/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases/ Changes Implemented new Download method in ftp library. Hopefully this resolves issues experienced by @Jaskari / @Shodan ASA - Finally surfaced cryo creature saddles/costumes as inventory items of the stored creature. ASE - Changed how map draw works for Fjordur realms when switching tabs to be more consistent. Donations - As usual donate if you like but don't ever feel you have to - ASV is and always will be free and open source: https://ko-fi.com/mirageuk
  22. No way within my app to do any sort of "import" back in to the save game. You could potentially use the exported data to make your own list of admin commands to run in-game I guess? or alternatively restore the backup into another server / single player and upload the item to obelisk to be downloaded to the new server?
  23. Not sure how I can help with this one. Appears to be errors reading the .ark save file itself using SqlLite and if your friend sending you a copy works it would suggest possible issues only readin it on the server. If this is the case - sending me the backup won't help as you say a backup works? Error seems to indicate corrupt SqlLite database file - possible issue with it not downloading correctly? It's failing before it even hits any of my code to parse stuff.
  24. I tend to be out in the deep so Basilo - finding any other basilos and killing all the following mantas for a quick fish meat run? If you're not in the ocean, any mount just killing anything in the river as you walk through them?. Maybe go with herbivores like a Therizno or something so it doesn't eat everything on the way home.
  25. now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17ez4UcGEb_2Z7jhR_V5WzFvL-_JqiQJS/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Fixes Possible fix to read in files "in use by another process". More fixes for content failed to load (invalid reference for Painting Component that doesn't exist) @pleinx Support for FTP over TLS @sTv Removed dangerous "DestroyALL" command from wild command list. Added more appropraite "DestroyWildDinoClasses" to wild command list. Added "AddMutations" to tame command list. @Elgar
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