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    not doing this don't have time I don't even play ark anymore

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    MafiaPvP (Just so you know I do not own the cluster but I do play on it and its looking for more people) A new cluster that's 50x and also has . . . Modded drops, Fast breeding, Stackmod, Custom Shop, And More. Right now MafiaPvP may only have 3 maps but more to come soon so come and try it out. (Extinction, Rag, Center). Just so you know I'm not recruiting and I'm done with official for right now but I am playing on MafiaPvP if you guys want to come down and try it out you can. MafiaPvP discord is https://discord.gg/rkugnJE

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    This is our alliance tribe. If you want to alliance will us you need to be a decent tribe size on ps4 with a decent base size (this took me a while to set up since I kept putting the tribe on public lol)

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