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  1. Nuvo

    Ragnarok and Legacy Servers

    What about the sever roll backs an wildcard admin showed up yesterday. I asked about the roll backs an he said they are working on it. Any update?
  2. Nuvo

    Server issue help

    Don't want to post sever number
  3. my sever is lagging so bad on Official rag . Got my 1st mutated Tera killed. Any news on what is going on can't even play? Help me.compton
  4. Nuvo

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Is wildcard going to be killing more Legacy servers. my server was killed 993 R.i.P. And would like to know. I don't want to spend hours/days on my new server to fined out. That it's going to be killed and have like four days to move. I spend a lot of time playing ark. PLEASE let us know.
  5. Looking to join the berserkers any info. Xbox one