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  1. Pic1

    Custom Recipes!

    Agreed with invincibleqc, the calculator is best. Here are my tips though: 1. Cooked meat/jerky and raw eggs give the fastest food increase while a canteen is still best for instant water (for emergencies). And medical brews are the fastest ways to regain health. Just wanted to make sure people don't use custom recipes for every situation. 2. Custom recipes basically increase your food/water very slowly. Which means you can aim for values larger than100 food/water because you eat one unit and keep running/fighting. Like 150-200 food/water. 3. Meat + stimberries = all 3 stats are filled, or just use eggs if you have surplus. Meat + one or two shrooms also works but unnecessary... I say save the shrooms for rockwell recipes. 4. Veggies make the best drinks imo. With enough crafting skill, just 3-5 veggies can give you upto 200 water
  2. Pic1

    Spring 2018 DLC sneak peek

    Ark's lore is kinda gloomy overall, isn't it? We're some kind of digital prisoners on... well, I don't wanna spoil but story is really dark and kinda depressing
  3. Pic1

    Tips for surviving official pvp?

    I remember reading in a thread a week or two ago that pvp communities just hunt and kill beach newbies because they are afraid of off-server spies. So, like mandabear said, may be reach out to the alpha of a server and let them know that you wanna join?
  4. Pic1

    Kangaroos are great but

    Idk if falling from that distance and taking no damage is fair. For now, just before the procoptodon lands, dismount. Works with any dino.
  5. I've never seen someone call a bunch of game developers that before. Not even those jokers on WoW forums... How about this OP, since they look like such noobs to you, why don't YOU develop a better game that we can all enjoy?
  6. Is there a mod that removes this infernal midnight fog on ragnarok map?
  7. Huh, fog on ragnarok lasts from 12 am to 4:30 am server time making everything almost impossible to see on my screen. So... yay?
  8. Pic1

    How to spot a hostile tribe

    Yeah but... wow.
  9. Pic1

    Battle Rex Stat Ratio

    Before you panic, yekrucifixion187 is talking about official server OP, where difficulty is 5. For your 0.2, I say just tame about 15-18 highest rexes you can find, and put the best saddles you have on them all, and bring a yuti and fight on gamma difficulty. You'll easily be able to go from there. And don't be afraid to lose some tames, or even the entire round. We've all been there and there are always new rexes to be tamed/bred.
  10. Pic1

    How to spot a hostile tribe

    Huh... so new comers aren't even given a chance then?
  11. Pic1

    How to spot a hostile tribe

    Really? Most pvp servers? Why?
  12. Pic1

    all dinos attack

    They are probably on aggressive stance. Put them on neutral or passive.
  13. Pic1

    DLC Cross Platform question.

    I noticed this on my PC as well (or may be my problem is different?). I can run every other map on my PC including ragnarok no problems, but some areas in abberation give me input lag (as in, there is a tiny lag between pushing my key and the movement of my character). No clue why.
  14. Pic1

    No need for walls

    I think he's talking about that issue where if no one is within the render distance of a structure wild dinos can glitch through walls inside. But that only started happening (or at least I started noticing) since a few months ago.
  15. Pic1

    Will our characters be safe? PVE

    Pretty sure the 15 minute rule will still apply. If you think there is such a thing as 'safe' in the world of ark, you haven't been paying attention...