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  1. Thanks all. The admin agreed to turn off dino decay for now.
  2. Oh, I used to go offline sometimes after feeding a wild dino the kibble and they would be there patiently waiting for me the next day... is this something new or was I just incredibly lucky all these years?
  3. Check the in-game date when they were tamed. And if they have, is there a solution for this? This is a private server with the following mods: S+ - Steam ID: 731604991 Better Reusables - Steam ID: 1364327869 Fused Troughs - Steam ID: 1342152255 Elevator Plus - 779245247 More Stack - 923607638 SelVision - 1092557691 Auction House v2.3a - 898049820 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hello, my laptop gives me problems when I try to connect via steam link. Can you tell me what your server name is on the official list?
  5. A large metal-plated concrete gate would be a lot more expensive, and there are explosives that can bust open even a fortified bunker in real life. Anyways, I still don't see why a massive gate shouldn't fall to a bunch of explosives. But sure, if that's your opinion then we can agree to disagree.
  6. I thought that was always the case... even in real life. It's always easier to destroy something than to build. I mean, let's take a wooden house. All it takes is a metal pike to bring the entire structure down. The middle ground is... wait for it... YOU. Yes, the players (defenders) shouldn't just be able to build an unraidable base just with structures and relax. As long as you defend your base with your own weapons and dinos, I fail to see how it can't be a fair fight.
  7. Just dinos or all creatures in ark? If just dinos, I'd say therizinosaurus.
  8. Don't worry the giga will find you if you do this:
  9. I cannot believe you are bringing a few center servers down. Half the people I know who play on center servers complain how their server is at tame limit/platform limit/etc.
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