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  1. Sorry for bringing this up. But when are you going to add a kill barrier under the map or something? This undermapping is getting annoying and is not fair at all, people are getting wiped because they can't defend themselves. If we place turrets under the map to keep them out we get dev wiped. What the **** Are we supposed to do...
  2. I'd like to see a remodeled Quetzal, Giga, and Mosasaur. Also, I think the raptor need some new perks, like having a pack bonus and an alpha bonus. It would also be cool if they could jump on, and cling to big creatures, such as anything bigger than a paracer(Brontos, rexes, gigas, diplos, etc.), and have sort of similar to the wold where it makes its call and the pack spreads out ans surrounds the creature, attacking from all sides. Should also have a higher jump. The spino should also have it's own roar I think too. The Mosa should be able to jump out of the water and grab things such as birds and do a significant amount of damage to anything it drags into the water, holding it for 5 seconds if it doesn't kill it, and doing tic damage per second. Some things for the Quetzal, maybe it can pick up small creatures and throw them with its beak? The Giga could have a slowing effect with its bite maybe, or it can pick people off of their tames and eat them, or be able to target specific areas of the body to strike to cause significant damage. Kind of off topic, it would be cool if you could paint certain regions of an animal, and add new colors to the dye kit. Because some of us are perfectionists and like our tames to look sharp, painted or not, and it takes so much repainting, erasing and time to make it look badass.
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