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  1. Hello all , Mad Moxxis (Assault Unit) is looking for a few new members to complete the Alpha Genesis Boss, Collect Event Tames, and prepare for Genesis Part 2. The tribe has been around since launch so, we can provide you with some of the best tames, tek, and real staying power. Our tribe is on multiple servers so we pool resources. We need active, engaged, team players to get it done, we can provide everything. Although you may have to raise for imprint and help complete missions. Reply to post or message me with any questions. Our goal is to get a dedicated 10 (player boss fight limi
  2. Mad Moxxis PVE Official PS4 recruiting for boss fights and future content. Currently progressing to Alpha Genesis Boss, most others on farm. PSN DiG-247
  3. Mad Moxxis (A)ssault (U)nit under the umbrella of the popular Mad Moxxis Auctions Facebook group is currently recruiting 2-5 new members to beat Alpha Corrupted Master Controller and prepare for Genesis Part 2 in March 2021. This is a good opportunity to begin boss fights for new PS4 players or push into deeper progression for those with more experience. We are on official PVE servers and all bosses on the island are on farm status. We regularly host auctions through our traders division for millions in resources. I’m DiG-247 on PSN, we are on boarding on server 1375, just ask for DiG Mad
  4. I represent Clan FMF, a community of gamers. I have read the original post and all comments carefully. It is awesome that both PVE and PVP are getting new clusters giving all players the option (yes it does matter). Not to mention at a considerable cost to the developer. With how responsive Wildcard is I felt it necessary to give my opinion. We are very active on ARK particularly on PVE at the moment. Watching the well established eventually legacy server Tribes complain here about the doom of their servers with the announcement of this decision is amusing with what we have experienc
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