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  1. Cant log out on Ragnarok dedicated So this has happened to me several times and it happened to a friend last night on our dedicated nitrado xbox server: if you log off on Ragnarok, the next time you log into the server you are prompted to create a new character. The previous character is there but for some reason it seems that the server doesnt associate your xbox account with the character. I can fix this with admin commands but right now I have an entire server that no one can set up a base on. Help!
  2. my recommendation is to download Beacon app and configure loot drops to drop element. You can also make it so certain dinos will give element or element dust when killing them
  3. here's a tiny bug that forever bothers me: the icon for sloped wooden roof is identical to the wooden ceiling Wildcard just needs to hire like ONE person with incredible OCD to go through and fix every little inconsistency.
  4. I'm so mad that the ice map is both spelled incorrectly and missed out on a great pun opportunity. Should have been AntARKtika
  5. Delivery Crate falls through mesh I had a delivery crate on Ragnarok fall through the mesh. I didn't test in every spot but it definitely fell through the mesh even if it landed onto foundations/ceilings first. Too bad because they're great for farming on prim+
  6. With all of the mesh holes and glitches I've been seeing, I'm actually glad it's not on console yet. Also, I'm hoping they'll add Rock Drakes and Basilisks by the time it comes to console but not holding my breath
  7. This is why I stopped played official years ago. We loved our PvE server until the bigger tribes just kited dinos into our base and there were pillars all over the map so we couldn't find new base locations. Sad that this still hasn't been resolved.
  8. Aberration still has Reapers so adding Drakes would still give Abb something unique and cool. Doesn't Valguero also have Griffins? Doesn't that mean Ragnarok is irrelevant now as Val has Ice Wyverns and Griffins? I think it'd make sense to have Rock Drakes for all of the reasons people have mentioned and then remove Griffins from Valguero to keep them unique to Ragnarok. Adding wyverns back won't do any more harm than Ragnarok already did to scorched (by the way, Scorched still has Phoenix).
  9. I understand the need to keep things unique to paid DLC maps but even if Rock Drakes are added, Reapers are still unique to Abberration and adding more Wyverns would add variety while Sorched still has the Phoenix. If the map already isn't canon, what's the harm in adding Extinction dinos while you are at it? Again, I understand the need to have each map have a unique dino, but you already took the frost wyvern and griffin from Rag so why not include a few more in areas that make sense?
  10. Excited for the map! I am a console player and a little sad that I don't get to play for a while but I understand. What I don't understand is why there's not a way for console servers to turn the bloom off (even down). I know this is a feature PC servers have but why not console, rented servers? I can understand why bloom can be an interesting consideration for PvP so even integrating something like "sunglasses" as a skin or something to turn glare down to 0 or even 1 if equipped would be welcome for official and/or PvE servers.
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