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  1. Xbox Ragnarok Private server - PVE Haven't managed to do much besides from feeding dinos over the last week due to working a lot of overtime. Plan on breeding a good bit this weekend, specifically Bulbdogs, Dimorphs, Ankylos and Megalosaurus. May also build a nice wooden barn/cottage in Scotland.
  2. Xbox - Private Nitrado server - Ragnarok Spent the last few days breeding some ravagers, therizinosaurus, and Bulldogs. Got some cool ravager mutations but not much else. Frustrated since my friend started breeding his mesopithecus and got 4 mutations out the 7 times he bred. He proceeded to tell me that I must not have bred much as he thinks that mutations are as common as he just got them. Grrr. I want a full blue Bulbdog so bad.
  3. Xbox Nitrado Private Server - Ragnarok (PVP/PVE mix) Spent the day looking for a good place to fish on Ragnarok.. no luck. Finished up with hatching a few tek rex eggs... no mutations... Anyone know any good fishing spots on Ragnarok? Any tips for getting more mutations or am I just having horrible luck?
  4. Xbox Nitrado Private Server - Ragnarok (PVP/PVE mix) Accomplished very little last night. Had no energy after work. Hopefully, tonight will be different. Still waiting on friend to do his part of stuff, so I can do mine. Not exactly fair if I do everything and he gets to just have all the fun. But enough whining. I managed to harvest a bit of metal and feed the dinos.
  5. Alright. I will have to check some areas out. Thanks.
  6. Wow. I was simply meaning a 10 by 10 or 10 by 15. Do you happen to have the co-ords or can explain where that area was?
  7. Three questions and a statement. Are there Tek dinos on Aberration? Where are you built on Aberration? I am a big time breeder, so usually my first concern is figuring out where I set up my breeding area. Do you know of any decent sized areas on Aberration that would allow me to build a decent size breeding barn? I have to say, since I returned to reading the forums and playing Ark, I have really enjoyed reading what you do.
  8. Dimorphs are really good. I am going to breed a group of like 10 to be my personal bodyguards.
  9. I haven't been lucky enough to find an event colored Tek Stego yet. What color was it?
  10. Xbox private Nitrado server (Ragnarok) - PVP/PVE mix (my friends and I play on it for fun, but have competitions) Been a long time since I posted anything on here. Took a long (probably about 8 months) break from Ark. Let's see. 2 days ago, began working on a breeding building. Built an 8 by 15 foundation breeding building, three stories. First story is a mass hatching area and has 6 rooms for breeding dinos that can fit 2 in a 2 by 2 room. 1 room (3x3) for larger creatures. Ramp going to second floor, generator and food troughs underneath. Second story, more rooms for 2 by 2 creatures, another for 3 by 3, bunch of wooden cages for shoulder mounts, 1 by 1s for shoulder mounts. Another hatching room (smaller). Third floor is egg and food storage and relaxation. Outside, I have set up dino gate and behemoth dino gate rooms for breeding larger creatures, and have walled this all in with exterior behemoth gates. Yesterday- Went out hunting for wyvern eggs. Got a 190 ice, 180 fire, 175 poison and 160 lightning. Few other smaller eggs. Almost died like 30 times. Finished the farm. Today's goal - Begin breeding, hatch the wyverns (may wait until tomorrow), begin working on a mass storage base for all of our dinos (building and behemoth gate "circles").
  11. @FraukePetry have you ever heard the saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all? Now as well as before that comment would be an appropriate time to put that saying to work.
  12. As a side note before I mention what I did yesterday and so far today, I wanted to say I really enjoy reading everyone's comments and I hope to see more. Yesterday, I managed to get a lot of breeding done of wolves and gigantopithecus, and managed to do the broodmother with a mixture of wolves, gigantopithecuses, rexes, and yutys twice on beta and once on alpha. I also started to get ready to breed aquatic dinos. I really hope we get an underwater boss that we could fight with like megaladons and tusos etc. Today, the plan is to breed more dinos, grind some ammo, and enjoy myself.
  13. Yesterday, I managed to untangle all of my grown up dinos, and kill off those I didn't want. I then hatchss 6 quetzals, 5 yutys, and a dimorphodon. Killed off all the ones with bsd stats , and then imprinted, only to realize I missed the imprint on the dimorph and haf to kill it. At least it was a male, and not a female so I didn't take that much of a hit. I also finished up the day with breeding my finished breeding dinos to get ready to hatch more. Today's goal? Start my underwater dino pen renovations, breed up a bunch of new dinos (egg layers so they are ready for when I want to hatch) and hppefully have some fun.
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