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    Boss success with megalanias

    Oh. My bad. Megatherium. I always get those two mixed up.

    Boss success with megalanias

    I got them in..
  3. I just did the broodmother with me, a friend, two yutys, 6 rexes and 12 megalania. The broodmothe r got stuck on megalania kind of and it was easy mode after that.
  4. Hello. I am looking to start an outpost/second base on Ragnarok as it is a beautiful map and provides access to many resources and dinos. However, I am unsure of a good, both beautiful and functional area to setup a base at, and I was also hoping that people may be able to provide me with tips for it. (PVE)
  5. @MrDynamicMan No problem. Misunderstanding is all that was.
  6. I am on legacy pve. I have extensively bred for health and melee mutations. Why the hate? @MrDynamicMan

    Otter on xbox one

    Hello. I was just checking out the ark wiki on the otter, and saw that it said it was released yesterday on xbox. I attempted to use the spawn code in a test world instead of looking for hours without knowing if it is in the game yet. The spawn code did not work however. Is the wiki wrong in saying it came out on xbox yesterday? Did I use the wrong code? Is there something else wrong? Thanks in advance guys.

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    @FraukePetry have you ever heard the saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all? Now as well as before that comment would be an appropriate time to put that saying to work.

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    As a side note before I mention what I did yesterday and so far today, I wanted to say I really enjoy reading everyone's comments and I hope to see more. Yesterday, I managed to get a lot of breeding done of wolves and gigantopithecus, and managed to do the broodmother with a mixture of wolves, gigantopithecuses, rexes, and yutys twice on beta and once on alpha. I also started to get ready to breed aquatic dinos. I really hope we get an underwater boss that we could fight with like megaladons and tusos etc. Today, the plan is to breed more dinos, grind some ammo, and enjoy myself.
  10. On a side note, just used 3 gigantopithecus to kill a lvl 60 alpha rex.
  11. My direwolves base health is 5450 ish. They are max level as well.
  12. Yeah. I currently want to get some black mutations and some orange mutations so I can get a black and orange alpha wolf. I think that would look amazing.
  13. @AngrySaltire Ah. I guess I was unaware that the ice wyverns are in a seperate area. Thanks.
  14. @Rintrahhh To be completely honest, it wasn't a "whats better" decision. It was a "I want to challenge myself. As you responded to my other recent post yesterday about being bored with ark and wanting stuff to do, i decided what better than to try to breed unusual combos for boss battles to cure my boredom. Sabertooths or thylacoleos would probably be better, yes, but like I said, i was just trying an unusual combo. Plus I like direwolves a lot because I have a really nice blue mutation going in it.