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  1. 58 minutes ago, AgrievousSpooks said:

    I fail to understand how this at all qualifies as a "feel good story". Its just a post about watching out for a scummy player.

    You got insided and your losses included a wyvern. That is all the ingredients of a feel good story.

  2. 19 hours ago, AgrievousSpooks said:


    Keep an eye out for an Xbox Player by the name of ExpertBlade2345, he stole hella tames, Gacha, Quetz, Dire Wolf, Megaladon, Otter, a Lightning wyvern, and stikl doing an inventory check to see what else has been taken.

    I love these feel good stories 

  3. 3 hours ago, MDwesman said:

    Thank you for suggesting tips and dinos, but the thing is I don’t need new player help, don’t assume I’m new to ark just because I just created my ark community forums account a few days ago, Ive been watching ark you tubers for 5 years before I played ark then I played ark with my friend on his xbox for a while, then I got ark for myself and been playing for about 2 years, I’m experienced and I know about megatheriums bug rage boost, I know Thylos are good but are a pain to tame (because of terror birds), recently all my flyers have been killed and I only have one pteranodon left who keeps needing to land for stamina, and if I go searching, she will probably go join her brothers and sisters as terror bird chow, so I’m not searching, the chalicotherium nearby I can tame but it will take a long time because ill have to use stim berrys because I’m not waiting for beer, but the other option is to send my sarco army with my kapro, I don’t want other Dino tame suggestions I just wanna know if I should chuck my sarcos and kapro down there or wait and tame the chalico, I would really appreciate it if I could get an answer

    Here is your answer just try a cave with what you have and learn from that you will either lose your tames or clear the cave, no one can actually tell you what the better option is because we dont have the stats of your tames or know the settings you are playing on. 


    How bout though you lose the attitude towards those who are trying to help you. Claiming you have experience in ark while asking silly questions/making just sadly noobish statements doesn't really add up so people obviously tried to help you.

  4. 2 hours ago, KillaRic83 said:

    Yes they better do a rollback. I just lost 50 of my tames in ark data cause I’m solo and it’s how I know there safe from  griefers. It’s bs they can’t just have a team that goes to these servers that are cheating and just dev wipe there crap. And not have to disable transfer data. You punish all of us cause these alpha and mega tribes cheat smh. 

    Why should u get a rollback cause you abuse a game mechanic to try and hide your mounts? You deserve to lose them

  5. 36 minutes ago, Kodking194 said:

    i use traps, not for the easy way of knocking them out but to prevent them from being killed. u cant say that new players can not use traps, if they desire to use traps let them use traps. again u cant call them usless for playing differently from u when u started off. so shut up and leave them alone

    He complains saying he has to use traps, which is flat out wrong same as complaining all the maps are full of pillars.

    I dont care if they want to use traps. It just shows how useless they are when they resort to complaining about things that aren't true rather than surviving and showing a small degree of problem solving skills by doing a simple task without relying on all the youtube "how to tame an argie" vids.  


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  6. 1 hour ago, Kodking194 said:

    did u not hear him say he dies from raptors when ever he leaves the beach, your not very bright. as u @Paxxi yes i suggest grind out and make a raft trap. get a trike before the argent. make narcotics, make a trap and then tame an argent. hope this helps. also @FreelancerKnux u r stupid to think new players are usless. they can be just ass good as OG players

    If you were right then this thread wouldn't exist.... needing a trap to catch an argie is a joke, same as claiming all the maps are covered in pillars.

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  7. 5 hours ago, gedazzle69 said:

    thats not my issue if you read what i put i died and my item bag did not appear so i could not get my items there for lost my best stuff


    Hahaha sucked in really such is ark life.

  8. On 6/12/2019 at 1:33 AM, KukuMachine said:

    Bonjour, existe-t-il sur un serveur xbox, primitiv, ragnarok, pvp mais anti raid off? Pas de boost ou très peu serait top ... merci

    Clearly I speak English and well honestly wont help you unless you request things in English 

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