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  1. 1 hour ago, ITameDodos said:

    First off, i offered solutions. I don't simply complain about what a dev is and isn't capable of. Second, ark isn't a cash grab game so the idea of donations doesn't sound that ridiculous. Third, 'economic sense'? I wasn't speaking of a magma nest bug but more along the lines of improving the anti-mesh barrier, dossing they have already tackled and general player enforcement. This would definitely make economic sense. Its why most people i know have quit this game. Your telling me fixing these things wouldn't bring back the population of official servers? Would you prefer we didn't address these issues so the state of the game can remain as broken as it always was? Why are people like you on these forums if you don't believe in improvement? 

    Its cute you think WC gives a hoot at this point. Once genesis part 2 hits they will shift entirely to ark 2 and this will be a memory. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, offergame12345 said:

    I created unofficial sever on host/local and it still has it so what do i do about that?

    Quoting me from 2 years ago but still if you want to not play with tether you cant be on a non dedicated like you are. Please in the future learn what terms like unofficial means before asking how to.

  3. 2 hours ago, edandbunny said:

    Ah no. This sounds like someone who has never rented a server.  Since release I have rented server clusters three times and not once have we been able to find our server through the loading page even with the server name in the search parameters. The only way to get on was to log in through our server and then get it on our favorites list. To get anyone else on we have to do it by invite. Sorry, Wildcards search engine is a raptored up mess.

    I have hosted servers since ark came out on xbox and never had this issue so try again.

  4. 19 minutes ago, deedoubleu said:

    This is not true. It's in engine developer's best interest to make upgrade as easy as possible for their customer. They don't want you to finish current game and think about UE5 later. No no no, do it now! Support will guide you through this process, holding your hand and whispering reassuring things in your ear.

    You can still have everything important as an external code in C for example and poke those functions with your blueprints. It is like that already for Ark.

    Often, new version of the engine would convert your project's scripts and other assets to compatible form.
    That doesn't mean though that everything is automated and you have to do nothing. As the very least - lighting in UE based games goes messed up with every new version and assuming they changed a lot with introduction of Lumen it's more than likely that game will look like ass after conversion. Contrast, brightness, tint, shadows : everything will look off and require manual tweaking.

    I'm sure WC would have to change their own code, but it's far from doing it in new language and definitely not as harsh as assembling a whole game from scratch.

    Ummm no it would still be a large amount effort to move the game to the new engine. It would make way more sense to save UE5 for ark 2 while they fix the bugs in their base code at the same time. 

  5. So basically you want to jump on someone else's unofficial and abuse admin powers? 

    Can only imagine you are at the level of asking because you either did this already on your own server and scared off any population or you are too cheap to host your own server.

    You are the exact reason why people have a poor perception of unofficial servers. 

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  6. 11 hours ago, Allyen said:

    No where near the oceania server area

     Southeast asia is right next to the Oceania server area and will have your lowest ping or get an unofficial based in Singapore but just like south America they wont add officials for you to use.


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